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September 20, 2014
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
Cyberfox 32.0.2 64-Bit Web Browser Browsers +
DevManView 1.42 alternative to Windows device manager System +
FileZilla Server 0.9.47 FTP server Servers  
foobar2000 1.3.4 beta 3 media player Video Players  
JRT 6.1.7 Junkware Removal Tool Cleanup Tools  
Praat 5.3.85 analyze, synthesize, and manipulate speech Language +
ReIcon 1.4 restore desktop icon layouts Icon Tools +
USBDLM USB Drive Letter Manager Misc. Utilities +
WebBrowserPassView 1.56 password recovery tool Security & Encryption  
Windows Firewall Control tool to manage the native firewall from Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and Server 2008 Firewall  
Winyl 3.0.3 audio player Audio Players  

September 19, 2014
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
FreeFixer 1.12 delete potentially unwanted software Cleanup Tools  
Jalbum 12.2 web photo album generator (Adware) Photo Albums +
mathSuite 6.70 powerful calculus environment and matrices handling engine Mathematics  
ProcessKO 3.67 kill a running or hanging process / program Misc. Utilities +
Sleipnir 6.1 Web Browser specializes in customization (for advanced users) Browsers  
Tablacus Explorer 14.9.19 file manager File Managers +
TCP/IP Manager 4.0.4 keep track of your network configuration in different locations Network +
WifiInfoView 1.75 Wireless Networks Scanner Network  

September 18, 2014
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
AquaSnap Personal Edition 1.6.4 enhance the way you can arrange windows on your Desktop Desktop Enhancements +
ChromePass 1.26 password recovery tool for Google Chrome Online Privacy  
DarkWave Studio 4.4.2 Digital Audio Workstation (Adware) Music Creation +
Dialupass 3.21 recovers Dial-Up passwords in all versions of Windows Security & Encryption  
DriveLetterView 1.40 view and change drive letter assignments File & Disk Management  
IE PassView 1.32 reveals the passwords stored by Internet Explorer browser Security & Encryption  
Mail PassView 1.82 details of email accounts on your system Email  
MessenPass 1.43 reveals the passwords of many instant messenger applications Security & Encryption  
Network Password Recovery 1.34 recovers all network passwords stored on your system Security & Encryption +
Pixia 5.42d painting tool made exclusively for full color graphics Image Editing  
PstPassword 1.17 recover lost Outlook PST password Email  
QuickMon 3.25 allows you to monitor various resources or services System +
Remote Desktop PassView 1.02 reveals the password stored by MS Remote Desktop Connection utility inside the .rdp files Security & Encryption  
USBDLM USB Drive Letter Manager Misc. Utilities +
Wireshark 1.12.1 network protocol analyzer Network +
yoshinoGRAPH 4.4.8 scientific graph software Mathematics  

September 17, 2014
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
AutoHotkey customize your keyboard, joystick, and mouse with an open source scripting language System +
BurnAware Free 7.4 powerful and easy to use burning application (Adware) DVD backup  
JRT 6.1.5 Junkware Removal Tool Cleanup Tools  
Ntfs Drive Protection 1.3 protect your removable drives Security & Encryption  
OutlookAttachView 2.71 extracts multiple attachments from Outlook Email - Miscellaneous +
Predator utility which turns any USB flash drive into a key, with which you can lock/unlock your PC Security & Encryption +
Stickies 8.0b post-it notes that you can leave on your Desktop for reminders Desktop Enhancements  
TheAeroClock 3.71 desktop clock with alpha transparency Desktop Enhancements +
XWF ReportStyler 1.1 formats reports and export lists from X-Ways Forensics saved in HTML or XML files Misc. Utilities  

September 16, 2014
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
CDBurnerXP cd-writer program (Default installer - Adware!, Portable - FREEWARE!) Rippers & Encoders +
CintaNotes 2.7.2 personal notes manager Personal Info Managers  
FreeBASIC 1.00.0 BASIC compiler that is syntax compatible with QuickBASIC Compilers & Interpreters +
Password Security Scanner 1.30 displays passwords security information Security & Encryption  
Registry Life 2.06 correct errors in the registry and optimizes it (Adware) Registry  
System Explorer 5.9.4 all you need to know about the system System  
WinAudit 3.0.11 inventory utility for Windows computers Optimizers & Diagnostics  

September 15, 2014
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
Aegisub 3.2.1 cross-platform open source tool for creating and modifying subtitles Video +
Daphne 2.04 system tray application for killing, controlling and debuging window's processes System +
DesktopOK 3.99.5 save and restore the positions of icons Icon Tools +
HashMyFiles 2.03 calculate MD5/SHA1/CRC32 hashes of your files Misc. Utilities +
Light Alloy 4.8.4 advanced video and audio player Video Players  
nugget 1.36 a lightweight, VirusTotal-enabled command-line downloader Download Managers  
Patch My PC keep your PC up to date with the latest software Misc. Utilities  
PcClean 4.4 Windows Cleaning Tool Cleanup Tools  
SIV 4.47 System Information Viewer System +
Task Coach 1.4.1 manage personal tasks and todo lists Personal Info Managers  

September 14, 2014
Program Version Description Category 64 bit
BleachBit 1.5 frees disk space and maintains privacy Cleanup Tools  
Cyberfox 32.0.1 64-Bit Web Browser Browsers +
DVDStyler 2.8 cross-platform DVD authoring application that makes possible for video enthusiasts to create professional-looking DVDs
Note: Installer - Adware!, Portable - FREEWARE!
RegDllView 1.58 list of all registered dll/ocx/exe files Registry +

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