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May 25, 2015
Title and Description Category
AirDroid 3.1.2
CrystalDiskMark 4.0.3a
HashMyFiles 2.11
JumpListsView 1.04
Rendera 0.1.5
Freeware Updates
TFlickrDownloader is a tool to download photostreams, sets, albums and groups from It can download several pages at once to improve overall download speed.
Native 64-bit freeware

May 24, 2015
Title and Description Category
EssentialPIM Free 6.51
SimpleWMIView 1.01
StressMyPC 2.73
WildBit Viewer 6.2
Freeware Updates
Pinkie is a suite of network troubleshooting tools packaged in an intuitive, easy to use user interface using the One Window, One App architecture. At a very high level, Pinkie can continuously ping multiple hosts simultaneously; performs forward and reverse DNS lookups; starts traceroute automatically. The results of which can be logged to disk or copied to the clipboard with a click of a button. Traceroute can be copied as a whole or per hop basis. Last hop can be identified and copied with a simple right click.
Native 64-bit freeware

May 23, 2015
Title and Description Category
BleachBit 1.7.7 beta
Photoscape Portable 3.7.3
QuickSetDNS 1.05
Resource Hacker 4.1.7 beta
Unreal Commander 2.02.1077
XMedia Recode
Freeware Updates
Windows Error Message Creator (WEMC) is a small application that allows you to create custom Windows error messages. Features: Create error messages of your own design; Use the default buttons (Abort/Retry/Cancel, OK/Cancel, etc) and add your own text and title; Or customise everything exactly how you want it: text, title, buttons (which can be hidden or disabled) and even the icon; Choose from one of twenty different preset icons; Don't like the preset icons? Import your own!; Create a fake Format dialog box that looks like the real thing; Take over your victim's screen with a Blue Screen Of Death, choosing one of the 265 error codes and names!
Native 64-bit freeware

May 22, 2015
Title and Description Category
AdwCleaner 4.205
Bat To Exe Converter
Clipjump 12.0
ConstEdit 2.0.1
EssentialPIM Free 6.5
PotPlayer 1.6.54266
SimSail 2.8
SyncBreeze 7.4.32
System Explorer 6.4.2
WirelessConnectionInfo 1.05
Freeware Updates
NTFS Permissions Tools
NTFS Permissions Tools is a file permissions management tool for NTFS file system. You can use it to easily to modify, backup and restore the security settings of FILEs and FOLDERs! NTFS Permissions Tools is a handy tool for users who either need to change permissions on a regular basis, or users who need to change a lot of permissions and security changes once. The main advantage over Window's built-in permission and security tool is accessibility and ease of use. It takes less time to change permissions and security settings.
Native 64-bit freeware

May 21, 2015
Title and Description Category
AlwaysMouseWheel 3.55
Asymptote 2.35
DiskSavvy 7.4.28
DupScout 7.4.28
EditBone 10.0.0 beta
Eusing Free Registry Cleaner 3.6.1
ExifTool 9.96
FolderTimeUpdate 1.30
gBurner Virtual Drive 3.9
Ratool 1.3
Freeware Updates
Daphne is the first open source Windows task manager replacement. Was created back in 2005 during development of an electrical network management software. Debugging this application required to constantly kill a set of running processes. That was the first Daphne function: allow for configuring menu items with an associated process list, and terminating those process with a single click. With the time Daphne became more popular and users kept asking for new functionality.
Native 64-bit freeware

May 20, 2015
Title and Description Category
AirDroid 3.1.1
ChromePass 1.32
Directory Monitor
FileZilla 3.11.0
FreeVimager 5.0.0
NonCompressibleFiles 2.46
PureSync Personal 3.10.3
QuickMon 4.1.0 beta
XYplorerFree 15.20.0100
Freeware Updates
TVideoDownloader is a video downloader that can work with many video sites, including YouTube, Dailymotion, etc... It can run several download processes to increase total download speed. It will show the available video/audio formats so you can download the one that fits you. Features: Supports over 200 sites; Max 16 parallel downloads; Option to select different video/audio formats; Download playlists, users or single videos; Options to add links, playlists or user in batch; ...
Native 64-bit freeware

May 19, 2015
Title and Description Category
DBeaver 3.4.0
DiskSmartView 1.11
Exportizer 5.5.4
FileOptimizer 7.70
FossaMail 25.1.4
MiTeC Interbase Query 7.7.0
Process Hacker 2.35
TheAeroClock 3.78
UniTime 4.0.17
Xlideit 1.0.150518
Freeware Updates
Count Characters
Copy most Windows controls' data to the clipboard! The program can report the type and content of some of the windows currently displayed on your desktop and for the most popular types of controls (including lists and trees) it can copy their contents to the clipboard. You can also copy the contents of password fields and regular text boxes. The name of the control is displayed so the program also shows interesting information about the controls used by a program. The number of characters copied to the clipboard is also displayed.
Native 64-bit freeware

May 18, 2015
Title and Description Category
7-Zip 15.01 alpha
Asymptote 2.34
CSVFileView 2.06
Math-o-mir 1.91.2
Miranda IM 0.10.32
pcxFirefox 38.0.1
Tablacus Explorer 15.5.18
VidCoder 2.3 beta
Freeware Updates
Fennec is a high quality (64-bit) media player/converter. With batch converting, joining, ripping, tag editing + multichannel support, media library, skins, DSP effects, visualizations, multi-channel equalizer and a completely new slide based interface... It can play/convert nearly 100 media file formats (inc. ogg, flac, mp3, mpc, mp4, flv, ape, wv...). Additional features including: automatic album art detection, media library, media file browser, quick search...
Native 64-bit freeware

May 17, 2015
Title and Description Category
IECacheView 1.54
Notepad++ 6.7.8
Popsel 2.54-b
Resource Hacker 4.1.4 beta
Freeware Updates
GetDP is an open source finite element solver using mixed elements to discretize de Rham-type complexes in one, two and three dimensions. The main feature of GetDP is the closeness between the input data defining discrete problems (written by the user in ASCII data files) and the symbolic mathematical expressions of these problems.
Native 64-bit freeware

May 16, 2015
Title and Description Category
Avidemux 2.6.9
Bandizip 5.06
Cyberfox 38.0.1
Doszip Commander 3.37
Netcam Studio
Run-Command 2.42
Speedy Painter 3.3.5
Freeware Updates
Avidemux is a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. It supports many file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs. Tasks can be automated using projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities.
Native 64-bit freeware

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