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March 19, 2018
Title and Description Category
4ur-Windows-8-Mouse-Balls 2.33
EventLogChannelsView 1.16
Macrium Reflect Free 7.1.2963
Notepad++ 7.5.6
PC-BASIC 1.2.13
R 3.4.4
RJ TextEd 12.91
ScanDir 1.3.2
ScreenToGif 2.13
Windows Firewall Control
Freeware Updates
Gecode is a toolkit for developing constraint-based systems and applications. Gecode provides a constraint solver with state-of-the-art performance while being modular and extensible. Gecode is radically open for programming: it can be easily interfaced to other systems. It supports the programming of new constraints, branching strategies, and search engines. New variable domains can be programmed at the same level of efficiency as the variables that come predefined with Gecode.
Native 64-bit freeware

March 18, 2018
Title and Description Category
Advanced IP Scanner 2.5.3567
BrowserAddonsView 1.12
CopyQ 3.3.0
Cyberfox 52.7.1
DrawPile 2.0.10
Desktop.Calendar.Tray.OK 1.03
mpv 20180317
Parkdale 2.98
WinDataReflector 2.0.0
Freeware Updates
Unbound is a validating, recursive, and caching DNS resolver. Unbound is designed as a set of modular components, so that also DNSSEC (secure DNS) validation and stub-resolvers (that do not run as a server, but are linked into an application) are easily possible.
Native 64-bit freeware

March 17, 2018
Title and Description Category
Atom 1.25.0
BriskBard 1.6.3
OSForensics 5.2.1007
Patch My PC
Personal Backup
Regards Viewer 2.15.3
Registry Life 3.49
Task Manager DeLuxe 2.24.3
WinScan2PDF 4.11
Freeware Updates
Real3d CamViewer
The open source application to view and record camera/video devices. Features: Supports MJPEG / (H.264 / MPEG-4) cameras and video files; Adjust video And vamera properties; Adjust video frame size, select resolution manually; Continuous recording; Real-time video adjustments with several filters; Take photos in several formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, etc.; All webcams are supported including USB, LAN camera; Low system requirements.
Native 64-bit freeware

March 16, 2018
Title and Description Category
Desktop.Calendar.Tray.OK 1.00
Drive Letter Changer 1.3
ESEDatabaseView 1.61
Find.Same.Images.OK 1.01
fmedia 0.34.1
ProcessKO 4.24
Soda Player 1.3.6
Tixati 2.57
Windows Firewall Control
Wireshark 2.5.1
Freeware Updates
Real3d PhotoViewer
The open source application to view and edit images (alternative to Windows Photo Viewer). Features: Supports all regular file formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, etc.; Photo adjustments with several filters; Single file or batch files resizing; Photo to Video conversion; Slide show with selected time delay; Auto enhance, denoising, rotate, and flip features; Save photos in several formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, etc.; Low system requirements.
Native 64-bit freeware

March 15, 2018
Title and Description Category
ExifTool 10.86
foobar2000 1.4 beta 9
FullEventLogView 1.26
Giada 0.14.6
QupZilla 2.2.6
SIV 5.28
Speedy Painter 3.5.13
StressMyPC 3.09
Text Editor Pro 3.4.0
WAV to AC3 Encoder 8.0
Freeware Updates
StereoPhoto Maker
StereoPhoto Maker functions both as a versatile stereo image editor and stereo image viewer and can automatically batch-align hundreds of images and mount them to the 'window'. New, fast feature-detection methods also allow you to instantly adjust individual images that only have vertical and horizontal 'errors'.
Native 64-bit freeware

March 14, 2018
Title and Description Category
CCleaner 5.41
Chasys Draw IES 4.53.01
Clipboard Master 4.6.3
EMDB 3.12
Find.Same.Images.OK 1.00
fman 0.9.6
fre:ac 1.0.32
HttpMaster Express 3.9.5
ImageJ 1.51w
Jmol 14.29.10
Mednafen 1.21.1
mrViewer 4.0.4
PureSync Personal 4.6.3
Q-Dir 6.96
QuickMon 5.0.6
QuickViewer 1.1.0
RedCrab 6.29.3
SideSlide 4.2.50
Swiss File Knife
SysGauge 4.4.12
Tuniac 180313
Freeware Updates
You can use Find.Same.Images.OK for free to quickly find the same or similar images, whether those photos are rotated, mirrored, zoomed out. The program generates graphic signatures and compares them on pixel basis, but not only that, you can also find rotated, mirrored and negative images.
Native 64-bit freeware

March 13, 2018
Title and Description Category
Complete Internet Repair
CurrPorts 2.50
Cyberfox 52.7.0
DesktopOK 5.06
ExifTool 10.84
Inkscape 0.92.3
MiKTeX 2.9.6643
Task Manager DeLuxe 2.24.1
VidCoder 3.10 beta
Freeware Updates
Sonic Visualiser
Sonic Visualiser is an application for viewing and analysing the contents of music audio files. The aim of Sonic Visualiser is to be the first program you reach for when want to study a musical recording rather than simply listen to it. Sonic Visualiser will be of particular interest to musicologists, archivists, signal-processing researchers and anyone else looking for a friendly way to take a look at what lies inside the audio file.
Native 64-bit freeware

March 12, 2018
Title and Description Category
DevManView 1.51
GPXSee 5.4
HexChat 2.14.0
Mapper 0.8.1
Soda Player 1.3.5
SoundSwitch 4.3
Sushi Browser 0.14.5
Veusz 2.2.1
Freeware Updates
This platform allows to quickly develop web and mobile applications without any coding task. Applications can be developed by simply configuring them through a graphical environment. There is no limit in the complexity of the applications to create, since there is always the chance to include custom scripts made by a developer. The platform supports multiple databases and operating systems, since it has been developed using Java and it provides a rich user interface based on Sencha ExtJS.
Native 64-bit freeware

March 11, 2018
Title and Description Category
7-Zip 18.03
ImageJ 1.51v
Optimizer 4.1
PhonerLite 2.61
Registry Finder 2.24
Freeware Updates
Descend is an open source program for drawing 3D surfaces from parametric equations. It uses a custom, very fast language called Misc to calculate the geometry. It also uses OpenGL to render scenes with high quality shaders.
Native 64-bit freeware

March 10, 2018
Title and Description Category
Artweaver Free 6.0.8
Atom 1.24.1
ExperienceIndexOK 1.41
fmedia 0.34
foobar2000 1.4 beta 8
FreeFileSync 9.9
MZCacheView 1.80
OSFMount 2.0.1000
Patch My PC
Freeware Updates
Jitsi (formerly SIP Communicator) is an audio or video chat communicator that supports protocols such as SIP, XMPP/Jabber, AIM/ICQ, Windows Live, and Yahoo. Jitsi can encrypt your calls using the innovative ZRTP. Show you're desktop to anyone with a video-capable XMPP or SIP client. Allow other Jitsi users to interact with your applications regardless of your OS. It features secure video calls, conferencing, chat, desktop sharing, file transfer, support for your favorite OS, and IM network.
Native 64-bit freeware

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