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February 23, 2017
Title and Description Category
DBeaver 4.0.1
Directory Monitor
Far Manager 3.0.4900
Free Download Manager 5.1.25
MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe 2.6.1
PC Info
RedCrab 6.10.1
Tixati 2.53
WinLogOnView 1.16
WordMat 1.11
Freeware Updates
Net Disabler
Technically, you can control internet by running netsh interface command in command prompt window to enable and disable the network connection that has the internet access. But thatís mostly for geeks who know a little bit of network and this way does not offer a guarantee. To make it even easier, you can use A small portable Freeware tool 'NetDisabler' you can use it to quickly turn the Internet off or on again.
Native 64-bit freeware

February 22, 2017
Title and Description Category
Advanced Renamer 3.74
BurnAware Free 10.1
DxWnd 2.04.15
EssentialPIM Free 7.23
FileZilla 3.24.1
Free MP4 to AVI Converter 1.13
Macrium Reflect Free 6.3.1734
Net Disabler 1.0
Pale Moon 27.1.1
PhonerLite 2.47
SyncFolders 3.4.345
SysGauge 1.4.16
Tablacus Explorer 17.2.22
TheAeroClock 4.07
WifiInfoView 2.20
WinDataReflector 1.5.1
Freeware Updates
SysGauge is a free system and performance monitoring utility allowing one to monitor the CPU usage, memory usage, network transfer rate, operating system performance, the status and resource usage of running processes, file system performance, USB performance, disk read activity, disk write activity, disk read transfer rate, disk write transfer rate, disk read IOPS and disk write IOPS for individual logical disks or all physical disks installed in the computer.
Native 64-bit freeware

February 21, 2017
Title and Description Category
Alternate Archiver 3.360
DBeaver 4.0
DesktopOK 4.61
FileBot 4.7.8
ISO Workshop 7.4
Macrorit Disk Scanner 4.1.1
MemPad 3.62-b
MiTeC EXE Explorer 1.5.3
MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe 2.6.0
MyUninstaller 1.77
Patch My PC
Personal Backup
Qsel 2.25
RecentFilesView 1.33
Scite 3.7.3
Speedy Painter 3.4.14
Freeware Updates
SymbSearch lets you easily get unicode-symbols so you can simply paste it into your text you are working on. You don't have to learn by heart the specific numbers of these. The best thing about is: SymbSearch works with every software that supports the clipboard of your OS. You just have to press the shortcut (default Ctrl + Shift + W), select the wanted symbol, press Enter and youíre back to your text field.
Native 64-bit freeware

February 20, 2017
Title and Description Category
EditBone 12.17.4
EMDB 2.70
ExtractFace 5.2
fre:ac 1.0.28
FRST 02/19/17
MKVToolNix 9.9.0
mrViewer 3.4.8
RJ TextEd 12.0
ScreenToGif 2.5
Windows Firewall Control
Freeware Updates
TreeComp is an interactive utility to keep two directory trees and the files within the directories in sync. The combined tree is displayed using a treeview control with icons indicating the status per directory. Programs to view the differences (i.e. Microsoft's WinDiff or WinMerge) between files with the same name can be launched by double-clicking, as well as editors for a file residing in one of the 2 trees. After inspection files can be copied/deleted interactively as desired.
Native 64-bit freeware

February 19, 2017
Title and Description Category
Clip Angel 1.06
Core Temp 1.6
Data Crow 4.2
FileOptimizer 9.60
Free Download Manager 5.1.24
Free Pascal 3.0.2
FreeVimager 5.5.0
Tablacus Explorer 17.2.18
WFN 2.0 alpha 11
Freeware Updates
StereoPhoto Maker
StereoPhoto Maker functions both as a versatile stereo image editor and stereo image viewer and can automatically batch-align hundreds of images and mount them to the 'window'. New, fast feature-detection methods also allow you to instantly adjust individual images that only have vertical and horizontal 'errors'.
Native 64-bit freeware

February 18, 2017
Title and Description Category
AIMP 4.13.1887
CopyQ 2.9.0
CPU-Z 1.78.3
FastStone Image Viewer 6.2
FastStone Photo Resizer 3.8
Free UPX 2.3
Light Alloy 4.9.3
Mp3tag 2.81
NewFileTime 2.77
Scilab 6.0.0
Vorbital Player 4.41
WinScan2PDF 3.34
Freeware Updates
Unreal Commander
Unreal Commander is freeware file manager for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.
Features: Two-panel interface; UNICODE support; Extended search of files; Multi-rename tool; Synchronization of directories; Support of archives ZIP, 7Z, RAR, CAB, WIM, TAR, GZ, TGZ, LHA, ARJ; Built-in FTP client; Thumbnail mode; Folder tabs; Support of WLX/WCX/WDX plugins; Build-in viewer and quick view function; Network support; Drag and Drop; History and Hotlist functions; Copy/move/delete files background mode; Deleting files with WIPE; Background pictures support; Visual styles: color categories of files, fonts for all interface elements; and more.
Native 64-bit freeware

February 17, 2017
Title and Description Category
BriskBard 1.3.2
CopyMe 5.4.2
Doszip Commander 3.48
ExifTool 10.43
ExperienceIndexOK 1.19
FossaMail 38.0.0
Inkscape 0.92.1
SearchMyFiles 2.81
SyncBreeze 9.4.28
tinySpell 1.9.62
Ultra Adware Killer
Freeware Updates
SoftPerfect Mobile Broadband Toolkit
SoftPerfect Mobile Broadband Toolkit is a free multipurpose tool that works with a built-in or USB-connected 3G/4G modem in your computer. With this software you no longer need to worry about the annoying and disruptive network disconnections. You can stay connected all the time, without interruptions, whether you are moving around in a car or a truck, or have to leave your computer or tablet unattended. Our Mobile Broadband Toolkit can check your Internet connection at set intervals and reconnect your device immediately once it detected a drop-out.
Native 64-bit freeware

February 16, 2017
Title and Description Category
AdiIRC 2.7
Alternate Pic View 2.370
CurrPorts 2.31
DiskPulse 9.4.26
DxWnd 2.04.14
FET 5.31.0
Macrorit Disk Scanner 4.1.0
Pazera Free WMA to MP3 Converter 1.2
PicPick 4.2.3
WinSCP 5.9.4
Freeware Updates
Pazera Free WMA to MP3 Converter
Pazera Free WMA to MP3 Converter is a free program that converts Windows Media files (WMA, WMV, and ASF) to MP3 or WAV format. In addition, the program lets you copy (extract) original audio tracks without any loss of quality. The program also allows you to split output files based on chapters stored in input files. Metadata by default are copied from the source files, but the user can add their own tags.
Native 64-bit freeware

February 15, 2017
Title and Description Category
Artweaver Free 6.0.0
BlueGriffon 2.3
CCleaner 5.27
Light Alloy 4.9.2
Light Image Resizer
PngOptimizer 2.5.1
Q-Dir 6.49.5
QupZilla 2.1.1
SIV 5.16
SoftPerfect Mobile Broadband Toolkit 1.0.3
WebBrowserPassView 1.85
WinScan2PDF 3.33
Freeware Updates
Xinorbis is a simple but powerful hard disk, folder and storage analyser. It uses a sophisticated mix of graphs, tables and tree displays to give a complete overview of the contents of any hard disk, folder, removable or network drive. It makes it easy to see the contents, structure, file distribution and file composition of a whole hard disk, folder, or mapped network drive. Includes full report creation. Xinorbis is bundled with Be.HexEditor and options to view any file within the hex editor have been added to all relevant popup-menus.
Native 64-bit freeware

February 14, 2017
Title and Description Category
AIMP 4.13.1886
Cygwin 2.7.0
Free Firewall
MiTeC EXE Explorer 1.5.2
Notepad++ 7.3.2
OutlookAttachView 2.98
Security Eye 3.4
Sleipnir 6.2.4
Tablacus Explorer 17.2.13
Ubiquitous Player 2017.2.13
Freeware Updates
OptimFROG is a lossless audio compression program. Its main goal is to reduce at maximum the size of audio files, while permitting bit identical restoration for all input. It is similar with the ZIP compression, but it is highly specialized to compress audio data. The compression ratios which can obtained with OptimFROG are generally ranging from 25% (silent classical music) to 70% (loud rock music) of the original audio file size. This is less compared with around 13% obtained with high quality MP3 files.
Native 64-bit freeware

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