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Notepad2 is a light-weight, free and open source Notepad-like text editor with syntax highlighting for a few commonly used languages. It's based on the Scintilla source code editing component and works on NT-based versions of Windows.

TED Notepad
Expanding freeware editor for true plain-text. Provides large variety of features and tools for quick, easy and advanced editing in a simple light-weight interface. You will find several innovative features too. The application fits on any USB and loads instantly with no installation required. Supports all Unicode, Utf-8, Unix and Mac file types of almost unlimited size.

TABS2spaces converts tab characters to space characters in text files and on the Clipboard.

Columnizer 5.38 (last freeware version) is a special program for working with column and row data.

BinText is a small, very fast and powerful text extractor that will be of particular interest to programmers. It can extract text from any kind of file and includes the ability to find plain ASCII, Unicode (double byte ANSI) and Resource strings, showing useful information for each item in the optional advanced view mode. Comprehensive filtering helps prevent unwanted text being listed. The gathered list can be searched and saved to a separate file in text or informative formatted list mode.
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Yadabyte Subtext
Yadabyte Subtext is a free, simple and portable text substitution app that can save you loads of time... on any PC you are on.

DiffDaff is a free utility that enables a direct comparison between two files, folders, or web sites and shows the differences line by line.

WinMerge is an Open Source (GPL) visual text file differencing and merging tool for Windows. It is highly useful for determing what has changed between project versions, and then merging changes between versions.

XML Copy Editor
A fast, no-frills XML editor with DTD/XML Schema/RELAX NG validation, XSLT, XPath, pretty-printing, syntax highlighting, folding, tag completion/locking, lossless import/export of Microsoft Word documents and a reliable spelling and style check.

This is the 1.01 release of Programmer's File Editor, a large-capacity multi-file programming oriented editor.

Large Text File Viewer
Have you ever felt frustrated when you just want to look at the content of a large text file but it takes forever for Notepad or Word to open it? This program was designed for viewing large (>1GB) text files. It uses little memory and is able to open a gigabyte file instantly. Background file indexing makes browsing even faster.

TextSTAT is a simple program for the analysis of texts. It reads ASCII/ANSI texts (in different encodings) and HTML files (directly from the internet) and it produces word frequency lists and concordances from these files.

Xint (pronounced 'zint') is an alternative to Windows notepad, with dozens of useful functions. The focus is on efficiency and performance and thus there are no toolbars, redundant dialogs, or other unnecessary components. Most of the functions are accessible via hotkeys, and extra formatting options are also available through a convenient floating menu that is activated also via hotkeys or the system menu to wherever your cursor happens to be. Make extracting html content from a text file, or alternately, saving only the html easy. Turn tab space delimited text files into comma delimited files, or, vice-a-versa. xint does the standard find and replace much quicker then with regular notepad. Another thing that is of great convenience, is "Twofish" encryption. Use Twofish, a military-strength 160-bit encryption algorithm to securely hide sensitive data. Xint is a fairly resource-friendly application which comes with an uninstaller.

Hilitext 1.1 (last freeware version) is a free text highlighting software, which instantly highlights all occurrences of specific words, phrases etc. in your web pages, e-mail messages and/or other documents at your request. It helps you seek information more quickly and hence saves you a lot of valuable searching time.

Subpad is a lightweight notepad clone with all of the features of Windows notepad, with just a few extras added. The main purpose was to make another notepad, but with faster find/replace features and a most recent documents. The find/replace is perhaps one of the fastest out there. Other minor convenient features that have been added, without adding too much bloat are: close on ESC, roll-up caption bar (like in Linux), toggle off/on URL highlighting, column selection mode and stay on top.

Unicode Text and HTML Editor with syntax coloring, FTP client, text clips, quick start bar, context sensitive help and integrated directory tree. Use scripts written in VBScript, JScript or PerlScript for automation.

CopyWriter is a no nonsense, basic editor for all day use. As a lightweigt general purpose editor it is capable of opening .txt, .rtf, .doc and binary files. No fancy buttons, just shortcuts.

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