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TenClips is a lightweight and must have multiple clipboards for software developers.

Clipboardic is a small utility that listen to the clipboard activity, and each time that you copy something into the clipboard, it automatically save the copied data into Windows clipboard file (.clp).

CLCL is clipboard caching utility.
- All clipboard formats are supported.
- Template can be registered.
- Pop-up menu is displayed by 'Alt+C'
- Menu can be customized.
- Item is paste automatically.
- Picture is displayed on a menu.
- Tool tip is displayed on a menu.
- The format to leave and the format to save can be set up.
- The ignored window can be set up.
- The paste key for every window can be set up.
- Function is extensible with plug-in.

ArsClip is a free utility for the windows clipboard. ArsClip monitors the clipboard and keeps track of the entries. Press a configurable hotkey and select an item (or items) to quickly paste into a program.
ArsClip used to be barebonez, but I think I can safely say that it has become a nicely featured program (due to user requests for changes). ArsClip remembers the last 15 (default) or more text entries entered into the Window's clipboard and can be configured to monitor non-text items. Delphi 6 (Personal) source code is included - modify it freely for any non-profit use.
- Multiple permanent items groups
- Picture, RichText, File Copy, Unicode, HTML support
- Keypress emulation
- Form Mode for pasting multiple fields
- Highly configurable.

ClipX is a tiny clipboard history manager. It is sweet, it is free, use it.

Each time that you copy something into the clipboard for pasting it into another application, the copied data is saved into multiple formats. The main clipboard application of Windows only display the basic clipboard formats, like text and bitmaps, but doesn't display the list of all formats that are stored in the clipboard. InsideClipboard is a small utility that displays the binary content of all formats that are currently stored in the clipboard, and allow you to save the content of specific format into a binary file.

Copycat is a clipboard utility for those with more than one computer. When you copy text into your clipboard, Copycat will automatically transfer it to the clipboards of the machines that you have chosen.
Copycat saves valuable time and energy by eliminating the need to manually copy text into every computer's clipboard!

MultiClipBoard is a utility, which can hold an unlimited number of clipboards helping you copy and paste in any application under Windows.MultiClipBoard can hold text, formatted text, pictures etc. Their contents will be saved when closing MultiClipBoard and restored when reopening it.An undo and a clear feature for each clipboard is provided.Every button will show its content as a hint. MultiClipBoard can be sent to the system tray.

HovText is a small freeware and open source Windows application that removes any formatting from a clipboard copied text - it means the text will be pasted as raw text without any HTML codes or fontsizes/colors/layout etc. A typical scenario is to copy a qoute from Internet Explorer and paste it into Outlook or Word. In the most cases it will paste the formatting along also. In some rare cases that is convenient but in most cases it is very inappropriate as you may want to keep the current formatting from within Outlook or Word!
Local Download (497 kB)

Clipomatic is a clipboard cache program - it remembers what was copied to the clipboard even after new data is copied, and allows you to retrieve the old data. While there are many programs that do the same, none are quite so convenient, simple to use, or efficient as Clipomatic.

ClipCache 1.41 (last freeware version) enhances the Windows clipboard by automatically saving the clipboard contents each time it changes. The 3 pane view: Group, Item and Preview allow easy management of clips. Groups help categorise and maintain your clips. Captured clips are available for pasting back into applications through the main window, system wide hotkeys or from the system tray. Edit and create text clips giving post-it note functionality. Append copied text to the clipboard rather than replacing the contents. Supports drag & drop, right click menus, column sorting etc...

CopyMsgBoxText allows you to easily copy texts or screenshots of message boxes and dialogs into the clipboard. Useful for documentation/bug reports etc: Instead of copying a messagebox's (or any dialog's) text by hand, simply strike a key (configurable to your choice) - and the text is copied to the clipboard. The "Paste" command of your editor inserts the message to your document!

CopyText does 3 kinds of things: copies text to the clipboard from listboxes, comboboxes, menus, text labels, window captions and other widgets; searches for text in all of the above, to let you either select found items, or copy them to the clipboard; performs some nice tricks with windows: enable, maximize, move, change size and location, rename, put on top, show or hide.

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