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File Renaming

Siren renames, moves and copies files using an expression. A lot of information associated to a file can be used: name, extension, dates, selection number ... etc ... other information is extracted from it according to its type: audio, video, image ...

RenPhoric takes the busy work out of renaming files! Whether you're renaming just a few files or thousands, RenPhoric makes it quick and easy!

Advanced Renamer
Batch rename files and folders in a snap. Perfect for any kind of file renaming including music and photo files. Preview your files before renaming and undo erroneous renaming jobs.

File Renamer
Rename all your files, folders and shortcuts, with all shapes and options you will ever need. You can numerate files sequentially, batch rename, replace strings, modify strings, change dates, modify file's attributes, etc. Drag and drop all files and folders from explorer to it's window, has full, 'infinite undo' function - so you will always be safe , and you can also create your own more elaborated scripts, adding every kind of available option together, for repetitive and more complex renaming actions.

RenameStar 2.0 (last freeware version)
Man, do you ever have a lot of work ahead of you. You've collected a large number of files, perhaps thousands, that you need to rename. Maybe they're from your digital camera and have insipid names like, 'IMG_0707.' The thought of renaming each file one-by-one in Windows makes your fingers hurt. What a chore! It doesn't have to be. With RenameStar all you do is select a group of files, type in a name, and then click on a button. RenameStar does all the rest of the work, numbering each file sequentially. If a file is an image type supported by RenameStar's preview, it will be shown as a thumbnail in the lower right corner of the screen when you click on the file. If you want to see a larger preview, right click over the thumbnail.

File Renamer
I wrote this program to allow me to easily rename my digital camera pictures after I downloaded them to my hard disk, though it can in fact be used to rename any files.
To use the program at its simplest just select the files you want to rename, enter the new name you want to use and press the Rename button. All the selected files will be renamed using the entered text followed by a sequential number. The file extension is not changed of course. There are various options you can use to vary the end result. I think the options are self-explanatory so just go ahead and experiment.

WildRename is a multi-file renaming application for Microsoft Windows users. Its very simple user interface helps you build and perform many file renaming operations one-by-one or in batches.
In brief, WildRename helps you:
- convert filenames to lower/upper case or normalise case (Capitalize First Letter)
- add or remove strings of characters from filenames
- replace strings of characters in filenames, using either simple replacements or powerful regular expressions
- add text counters to a series of files (e.g. 0001_filename.ext).

A.F.5 Rename your files
A.F.5 makes it easy to rename many files at the same time. Drag and drop your files from Windows Explorer to the window of A.F.5, build new filenames and click 'Rename'.

Fast File Renamer
Fast File Renamer is a freeware program which can help you with the tedious task of renaming large numbers of files. The program can be used by anyone who needs to keep large collections of files organized (such as mp3 files, image and graphics files, web-site-related files, system files).
Fast File Renamer also has a 'simulate' function where you can preview the effects of any changes before applying them and it supports the use of the '*' wildcard character (inside the pattern which is to be deleted or replaced).

This free application gives to the ability to rename lots of files by just one single click. You just need to define a list of rules which is used by FileRenamer to replace certain parts of the filename, pick a directory, and click a button. Your rulesets can be saved to a file, making it easy to reuse a ruleset at any time. Don't waste your time renaming tons of files manually anymore! Use FileRenamer instead.
Local Download (52 kB)

1-4a rename
- A file renamer which renames many files at once
- Has Undo
- You can preview changes instantly, thus no danger
- Now with STAR TREK stardate/startime
- Tons of functions (see features).
- Perfect for .jpg, .mp3, digital camera files...
- Works in networks and with subdirectories (recursiverly)
- Fast! Even with many files
- Optimized for large amounts of mp3 files or jpg files or any other file type.

Métamorphose File -n- Folder Renamer is a free, open source mass renaming program that combines great flexability with an intuitive interface.Allows many command line renaming operations in a single utility, perfect for those of us that need to rename large numbers of files and/or folders on a regular basis.

Clear Read-Only
Clear Read-Only is powerful tool for clearing Read-Only file attribute. You can easily change all files & folders Read-Only file/folder attribute just clicking Start buton. There are several options like “Include subfolders”, “Apply to files”, “Apply to folders” for customizing operation types
- Folder select sption.
- Include subfolder option.
- Apply to Files (and-or) Apply to folders option.
- Stop changing read-only attribute while running.

All File Renamer
Rename all file names and extensions in a folder at once.
Rename Options:
Add to left, Add to right, Delete symbols, Delete from left, Delete from right, Replace symbols, Replace from left, Replace from right, Reduce to, Add to, Upper Case, Upper Case First, Lower Case, Random symbols, Counter

It's a free program that allows you to rename any files, using various methods, including search/replace, renumbering, prefixes/suffixes, permissions, uppercase/lowercase/propercase, etc. Includes test mode, so you can test your combination(s) before renaming the files.

Flexible Renamer
A file/folder renaming utility, which can use Wildcard or Regular-Expression and Tag-information (MP3, EXIF).

Simple Renamer
Simple Renamer is a program that makes it possible to rename whole folders filled with files in just one click.

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