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File Managers

mtExplorer 1.1 (last freeware version) is a multi-pane file explorer that is capable of displaying 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 Explorer panes simultaneously.

Alt Commander
Alt Commander is a freeware File Manager for Windows. Some features include a built-in FTP client, file compare, archive file navigation, and a multi-rename tool. Small and quick. Dual-panel file explorer (a'la Total Commander, Frigate).

Advanced Explorer
Advanced Explorer is a dual-panel file manager.
- It is designed to be very intuitive and to have any useful function that can be implemented in such a program.
- It has two windows to display a source and a target directories.
- It performs a secured and complete file management. File are crossed out before deletion.
- Launch 32 bits (Windows / Linux) programs.
- Perform various comparisons on directories.
- Always starts with previously displayed directories.
- Display the disk occupation of directories.

File Navigator
File Navigator is a Norton-Commander clone with a dual-pane text-based interface.
- Can popup shell context menu for the files/folders/drives
- Multilanguage (English and Russian)
- Files description support (DOS and Windows encoding)
- Built-in file viewer supports Windows, DOS, KOI8, UTF-8, ISO, Unicode encoding and RTF files as well
- Command line and command output view
- Files highlighting with unlimited amount of color groups
- FTP client
- Quick view panel including FTP and archives
- You can assign different applications to view and edit various types of files
- Search by size, date, attributes and text within files
- Full Drag & Drop support
- You can rename the file directly on the file panel (Alt+F9)
- You can view the archive content as folder. Supported formats: 7-Zip, ACE, AIN, ARC, ARJ, BZip, CAB, GZip, HA, JAR, LZH, RAR, TAR, ZIP. Integration with external archivers is also available.
- File compression and encryption (NTFS only)
- Folder comparison and synchronization
- Folder shortcuts
- Ability to move icon to system tray when minimized
- Ability to create file list for group operations
- You can to create toolbar buttons for the user menu items
- Customizable color scheme
- External modules to view various types of files are available.
The homepage is in Russian, but the program is in English.

KW_FileMgr32 File Manager
KnowWare's File Manager program is a complete file management tool with drag and drop file management capability for 32-bit Windows file systems. In addition to basic file management tools, it also offers zipping and unzipping tools, a file splitting tool, and a file date/time stamper.

Echo-On32 File Manager
Echo On is a small, powerful file management utility which gives you all of the tools that you need to intuitively view and organize the files on your system, as well as providing Zip and Unzip capability. Using a unique dual-directory interface, it provides quick, easy access to all of the standard copy and move functions. It includes a file splitting tool and a file date/time stamping tool.

2xExplorer is an easy to use and very efficient alternative to the standard windows Explorer. It combines the user-friendliness of Windows Explorer with the increased efficiency and advanced features of good-old dual-pane file managers like Norton Commander. It is a package that will appeal to the power user, yet its similarity with Explorer will ensure that less experienced users will not be driven away either. It offers many additional features, including file filters, Drivebar navigation, printing, file sorting and a lot more.

XYplorer 4.50 (freeware version) is an Advanced File System Explorer targeting everybody who is looking for a real alternative to the Windows Explorer.
Features: Tabbed Browsing, High end find files engine with tremendous power and amazing speed, Instant preview of image, Thumbnails of image files , Instant preview of installed and uninstalled font files, Instant preview of HTML, MHT, PHP files, Instant display of complete file/version information for each selected file, Various revolutionary highlighting features add more visual grip to the folder tree, File Info Tips and MP3 Info Tips, etc., etc...
Free for private, non-commercial, single home computer use only.
Local Download (634 kB)

Folder Jockey
Folder Jockey is a Windows utility designed to save you time. Instead of always hunting through Windows Explorer to find the folder you need, just use Folder Jockey to go there immediately. Folder Jockey lets you keep as many shortcuts to folders on your hard drive as you want. You can click the Folder Jockey tray icon at any time to go right to what you need. You can assign hotkeys to your folder shortcuts, too -- for example, you can make Ctrl+Alt+D open your downloads folder instantly, instead of clicking Windows Explorer, clicking My Computer, clicking C:, clicking... you get the idea! And with Folder Jockey, setting a folder shortcut is as simple as right-clicking the folder. Folder Jockey -- Get to your folders fast.

freeCommander is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager. The program helps you with daily work in Windows. Here you can find all the necessary functions to manage your data stock. You can take freeCommander anywhere - just copy the installation directory on a CD, USB-Stick or even a floppy disk - and you can even work with this program on a foreign computer.
Main features in freeCommander:
- Dual-panel technology - horizontal and vertical
- Optional tree view for each panel
- Built in file viewer to view files in hex, binary, text or image format
- File viewer inside archives too
- Built in archive handling: ZIP (read, write), CAB (read, write), RAR (read)
- Nested archive handling
- Easy access to system folders, control panel, desktop and start menu
- Copy, move, delete, rename files and folders
- Wipe files
- Create and verify MD5 checksums
- File splitting
- File properties and context menu
- Calculation of folder size
- Folder comparison / synchronization
- Modification of file date and attributes
- Folder / program favorites
- File searching (inside archive too)
- File filters for display
- DOS command line
- Multiple language support.

Turbo Navigator
Turbo Navigator 1.47 (last freeware version) is advanced, highly customisable file manager for Windows. It works as Windows Explorer but with one main difference: it uses two file panels, as in Symantec's Norton Commander, a well known commercial file manager for DOS and Windows.
- Full Drag and Drop capability;
- Built-in file viewer for text, RTF and binary files;
- System Tree View for both panels - able to mimic Windows Explorer.
- Advanced change attributes capability (recurse subdirectories, ability to change System attribute, ability to change Created/Modified/Accessed file time/date stamp);
- Copy speed display;
- Advanced filtering capability (in file panels and in basic operations like copy, move and delete);
- Built-in favourites for quick directory change;
- Ability to wipe the files from the disk so they can not be undeleted;
- Fully customisable colours in the file panels;
- Built-in Media Player for quick preview of WAV, MID, MP3, AVI, MPG and other supported file formats without any need for opening separate applications;
- Very detailed, yet very simple user interface;
- Full Clipboard support including file name and file path copy;
- Built-in strong encryption capability for quick file encryption;
- Very advanced selection mechanism;
- Detailed directory info display with graph...

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