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The calculation software RedCrab was developed with the aim a calculator made available that combines the function of a calculator with a text editor.
RedCrab enable the user to input a mathematical expression in a full-screen editor, providing input of mathematical symbols like fraction, roots e.t.c. The positioning of the expressions on the page is arbitrary. The format must conform to general mathematical rules.
No installation of the software is required. You can just copy the software to your system and starts the programs.
Calculation range: 1.7e 308 to 5e-324
Accuracy: 18 digits
Display: 15 digits.

High Precision Complex Calculator
This program does real or complex number calculations with 100-significant-figure precision. Many standard functions are included. DO loops are supported. Both expressions and results can be saved to a file. A set of expressions to be evaluated is entered in FORTRAN syntax, in much the same way as writing a program.
Enter the expression(s), one per line, using FORTRAN syntax then click the 'Calculate' button to see the answer. The answer given is always for the last expression in the list. Press the Enter key to separate lines in the input field.
All numbers are interpreted as 100-significant-figure complex numbers regardless of the form of entry.
When the Calculate button is clicked, the results are shown in both exponential and fractional form. The exponential form is always displayed as a decimal (base 10) number. The fractional form can be displayed in any base from 2 to 36.

HEXelon MAX is a free mathematical calculator, currency converter, and units converter.
- Solves math expressions like: Sin(Pi)-Root(-8;3)+3
- Creates user's functions (e.g. surfaces, volumes, and so on). Publishes in Internet. Receives from Internet.
- Program shows position of bugs in math expression made by user. Descriptions of bugs help solve a problem.
- Prompter shows functions, variables, constants. Simply press SPACE key.
- Exchange rates table and currency converter are update from Internet by one click.
- Units converter makes easier to convert various units.
- 14 categories of units: length, temperature, pressure and so on.
- Creates user's variables.
- Numeral systems: binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal.
- Measures of angle: radian, degree, gradus.
- 5 sets of keyboards configured ba a user.
- 3 calculators - user can calculate three various math expressions.
- Button Undo and Redo.
- History of math expressions.
- Comprehensive Help.
- Language versions: English, Polish, Czech.

Multicalc was written specifically for calculating time, but it can also be used as a normal calculator and for converting decimal numbers to binary, binary to decimal, decimal to hexadecimal, and hexadecimal to decimal.

ShowCalc 3.01 (last freeware version).
32-bit calculator that, in addition to basic arithmetic, memory and scientific functions (hex, trig, and log modules), includes an extremely useful, scrolling 'tape Window' that allows you to easily view your work. You can then print this adding machine-like tape, or copy the data onto your clipboard for use in other applications.

Calcute is a Free, Compact yet Capable Calculator. Features: Process sequences of arbitrarily complex arithmetic expressions like:
-log(1+2) * 3% + sin(4 5/6)^7
Edit previous calculations and re-calculate, cut and paste at will. Save your work to a text file (automatic or manual), restore it later. Compact single-line mode or flexible multi-line mode. Show buttons or hide them. Separately adjustable font and button sizes. Flexible snap-on screen positioning to your preferred location. Enable/disable "always on top" style. Help file included.

TextCalc is a combination of an expression calculator and a text editor. Being both, it has several advantages over conventional calculators.
1) You can evaluate expressions like 9x4-2+95-12 just the way you write them on paper.
2) You can put comments besides your answer and expressions.
3) You can save and reuse your results and expressions.
4) You do not need to write your answer down on a paper before computing another expression, as you can leave the previous result in the editor.
5) You can open an existing text data file and perform calculations on it.
6) You can apply an expression to many numbers at one go. For example, you can change the list 1 2 3 4 5 to 2 4 6 8 10 by multiplying each number by 2.
7) You can sum, average, convert into hex etc. a list of numbers easily.

Auditor Calculator
Currency calculator with tape - emulation of printing calculator. Easy and simple, can be operated entirely by keyboard. Supports COPY/PASTE, UNDO for last operation.

Excalibur for Windows 32-bit version is a freeware full featured RPN-only calculator. This is a serious calculator for serious users. Excalibur takes up a small amount of resources for all it does so well. Excalibur does not use more conventional "algebraic" notation like many low-end calculators on the market. Instead it uses the high-powered parenthesis-free RPN notation (Reverse Polish Notation). RPN is really nothing more than the method of entry of numbers and operators into the calculator.
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