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Discotheek changes your screen in a color spotlight and strobe.
- Transform your computer in a color spot light
- Transform your computer in a strobe
- Transform your computer in a light
- Vary the speed of the light flashes
- Support multiple screens
- Fade colors between colors
- Accept command line arguments
- Works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
- You can run it online.

CwType morse terminal
The terminal program for CW-operators (amateur radio). You can transmit both from the keyboard and from the paddle connected to a joystick or LPT connector. While operating in paddle iambic mode sending (the memory of a unit of the symbol) is possible. The handle of the transceiver (PTT and CW keying) is made through one of the COM, LPT or USB ports. Can cooperate with RZ4AG AALog logger.

Free and Easy Biorhythm Calculator
Free and easy biorhythm calculator is a powerful, easy-to-use application ideal for making personal forecasts. The program is based on western scientific theory of biorhythms, which contains oriental philosophy. Knowing your biorhythms, you can be sure about what to expect from each day in order to succeed at business, or in sports, exams or job interviews, negotiating or dating. It works like a magic mirror, helping you to know your capabilities to their full potential and to prevent rash decisions during critical days. Be a winner in any situation!

WriteSparks Lite
WriteSparks! is software you can run from your computer whenever you need to: jumpstart your writing; break out of a block; get rid of boredom; write away your frustrations; write for the sheer joy of writing. It has a built-in workpad. Timer included for timed freewriting sessions. This program does not expire.

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