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SyncJEdit is a free, new, unique and advanced Java IDE, which contains many new tools, concepts and ideas. SyncJEdit is designed as a pure, natural Java integrated developer environment and supports multiple JDKs. Its interfaces, behind features and tools are all in the best of user consderations and programming consderations. There is no tutorial necessary for the IDE because every point of the IDE is in the most logical and reasonale status - once you sit down, you will know how to use it. As a new generation of Java IDE, it brings you many new concepts, ideas and technologies. Only thing which will surprise you how powerful and wondeful it is, it presents you many new tools, features and functionalities.

Zaval Java Resource Editor
Zaval Java Resource Editor is not a simply resource editing tool - it provides rich and flexible way to manage text-based resources. In fact, you are able to make any distributed translations as you want in several forms outside JRCE. But in all cases you will need to merge all changes after translation and do a clean up texts being translated; and JRC Editor provides all necessary features to accomplish these tasks.

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