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Bowling Evolution
Bowling Evolution is a realistic bowling game for PC with online highscores.
Tenpin bowling
Challenge bowling
Online World Highscores
Realistic physics - pins bounce like in the real world
Nice 3d simulation
Different bowling balls
Multiplayer game
Multi-language support: English, Finnish, German, Spanish and Swedish.

ORF-Ski Challenge
This is the second season Austrian TV station ORF is offering a free downloadable 3D downhill skiing game. The 2006 version is highly enhanced, because of the huge success of the first release in 2004.
The game uses real 3D data of world cup downhill tracks like Groeden, Bormio, Wengen und Kitzbühel. If you register a username your time is listed in the central online ranking.
The game is highly addictive, because it is fast to play, you want to be faster than your friends and you only use 4 keyboard keys to play. Instructions are only in German, but the game interface is visual and easy enough to figure it out quickly.

NagaSkaki is a free, fully functional chess program for Windows.
Features: Opening Book, Levels: Seconds/Move, Blitz, Tournament and Beginner, Chess Clocks, Load/Save pgn files, Hash table, Shows best move and evaluation of position.

josé chess
josé chess is a graphical chess tool. You can use it to store chess games in a database, view and edit games (including variations and comments), and play against a plugged-in chess engine. It features a 3D board view.

FooBillard is a OpenGL Billiard (Pool) game with realistic physics, AI-player and many game types like 8ball, 9ball, snooker and carambol.

Rush 2005
Rush 2005 is a BSD-licensed project to create an American football game for Windows and Linux in the tradition of Tecmo Bowl and NFL Blitz, built using the cross-platform SDL game programming library.

Strategic Baseball Simulator
Strategic Baseball Simulator is a text-based baseball simulation program that uses historical statistics to simulate Professional Baseball. Play head-to-head against the computer manager or against a friend. Let the computer manage both sides or run an entire league schedule while summarizing the statistical results! Players' performance will approximate their actual statistics. Includes data for many old-timer teams as well as teams from recent seasons.

GeneRally is a freeware racing game for one to six players on one computer. The forums include more GeneRally information, tracks, cars, competitions, etc. than any single mind can handle.

Torcs is a 3D racing car simulator using OpenGL. The game allows you to drive in races against opponents simulated by the computer and to develop your own computer-controlled driver (also called a robot). You can use either a wheel or keyboard or mouse to drive yourself. Choose from 42 different cars, 30 tracks, more than 50 opponents to race against. The gameplay allows different types of races from the simple practice session up to the championship. Enjoy racing against your friends in the split screen mode with up to four human players.

VDrift is a cross-platform, open source driving simulation made with drift racing in mind. It's powered by the excellent Vamos physics engine. VDrift aims to be a realistic racing game where it is possible to do drift racing on road courses.

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