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The prime purpose of the KatMouse utility is to enhance the functionality of mice with a scroll wheel, offering 'universal' scrolling: moving the mouse wheel will scroll the window directly beneath the mouse cursor (not the one with the keyboard focus, which is default on Windows OSes). This is a major increase in the usefullness of the mouse wheel.
Another feature involves the wheel button. Since the wheel button is not consistently used in Windows, KatMouse can use it for a kind of task switching: with a click of the wheel button you can push a window to the buttom of the stack of windows that is your desktop, making a recovered window the active window.

This is a window manager. The term is more familiar to those who use unix. The purpose of a window manager is to control the top level framed windows. This usally means your application windows. Windows already takes care of window manager functions but it is not configurable in any way. This program adds extra control for the user and also redefines the mouse actions.
- Right click on title to send the window to the back.
- Double click on title to roll-up the window.
- Right click on minimize button sends the window to the tray.
- Right click on maximize button to display some resize options.
- Ctrl + Left Click on border to move the window.
- Support for 'always on top'.
- Support for 'transparent'.
- Reports the current position as a window is moved.
- Reports the current size as a window is resized.
- Holding Alt while moving/sizing a window will snap to other windows.
Screenshot | Local Download (99 kB)

It's a very ugly system hack that sits in your system tray and attempts to make windows that can't usually be resized, resizeable.

Window Master
Window Master is a window manager for Windows. It allows window shading, transparency, on top, change title, hide/show, set ignore rules for windows, expose, and virtual desktop management for 2 desktops. It minimizes to tray and uses little RAM to run.

WinRoll easily manages multiple open windows. Make a window roll into its title bar, send it to the back or make it stay on top. Minimize, maximize or close all visible windows, including minimizing to the tray area. Make a window translucent on Windows 2000 or above. WinRoll is lovingly hand-crafted in 100% pure assembly language to give the fastest response and the smallest memory footprint.
Local Download (9 kB)

Shell Extensions are in-process COM objects which extends the abilities of Windows operating system. Most shell extensions are automatically installed by the operating system, but there are also many other applications that install additional shell extension components. For example: If you install WinZip on your computer, you'll see a special WinZip menu when you right-click on a Zip file. This menu is created by adding a shell extension to the system. The ShellExView utility displays the details of shell extensions installed on your computer, and allows you to easily disable and enable each shell extension. ShellExView can be used for solving context-menu problems in Explorer environment.

rjhExtensions is a simple utility that will add a number of useful functions to the context menu of Windows Explorer. The utility consists of the extensions and an organizer that allows you to control the placement of the extensions.
Screenshot | Local Download (657 kB)

Dialog Box Assistant
Dialog Box Assistant 1.01 (last freeware version) is a very simple program that becomes absolutely essential after you use it once or twice. This software adds two extra buttons to your Windows Open and Save dialog box. The left button shows you the list of most recently launched files. The right button shows you the list of most recently accessed folders. You can instantly launch a file or open a folder from the list without having to waste time browsing.

HandyThing 3.04 (last freeware version) is a desktop utility program that can make your machine easier to use by automating some repetitive tasks. Specifically, it can automatically move and size windows when you run a program; it can quickly activate your screen saver when you want to; it can easily print the clipboard text without having to paste it into another program.

EscapeClose 1.5 (last freeware version) is an absolutely free tiny utility, allowing you to close or minimize the active window by pressing the Esc button. Or, to work more carefully, it can position the mouse cursor in the upper right-hand corner of the active window, where the Close button is located. It is especially useful when you are working with dozens of files and folders at once. It has two working modes, stays in the system tray, can automatically run at Windows startup. Using this program, you will make fewer movements, which will increase the productivity of your work.
Download (last freeware version)

ATnotes 9.5 is a FREE program which creates notes on the Windows desktop. It lives in the system tray, takes very few resources, and supports a lot of languages.
With ATnotes, you will never miss important events or lose information. You can organize your notes by using folders, set alarm, change color or font and send your note to your colleagues.

Desktop UI Renamer
Windows has an annoying habit of not letting you rename many of the icons on your desktop. With this free little application tweak the ui quickly and easily.

Ever needed to see what's going on on the screen down to the pixel level? That's where the Magnifier comes in. Simple and easy to use, the Magnifier is always handy for when you need to see all the details.

Auto Window Manager
Auto Window Manager automatically manages any window you specify. For instance, some web browsers open up in a non-maximized window. Using Auto Window Manager,you can set those windows to automatically maximize (minimize, normal, minimize to tray, stay on top) every time they're opened. It works with almost any program, including web browsers, Notepad, etc. Auto Window Manager stays running in the system tray, so it stays out of your way while it works. Auto Window Manager adds several menu items to standard window menu accessible via application icon in the title bar.The commands are:Minimize to system tray, always keep window on top, Set window transparency, align window, resize window.

This little shell extension adds a few enhancement to the current shell context menu. Version postfixed with “_StdAlone“ no requires runtime libraries (RTL60.BPL and VCL60.BPL).

This little shell extension adds a few enhancement to the current shell context menu. Version postfixed with “_StdAlone“ no requires runtime libraries (RTL60.BPL and VCL60.BPL).

The program could attach any desktop window to one of the screen edges and auto hide it. (Hidden panels will work like the windows TaskBar). Very useful e.g. adding to the hide list the C++ Builder main window(top), object inspector(left) and project manager(right), makes a lot more editor space on the screen.

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