Software Development

Compilers & Interpreters

nuBASIC is an implementation of an interpreter of the programming language BASIC. It has been designed mainly for educational purposes. nuBASIC is developed using C++11 and distributed as source code under GPLv2 License. To compile nuBASIC you may create a Visual Studio 2013 console application or build it by using GCC 4.8.1 (both VS project files and standard makefile have been provided) or again using MinGW 4.8.1. The nuBASIC interpreter is suitable for simple games, educational or business programs and the like.
Download nuBASIC

MinGW-w64 delivers runtime, headers and libs for developing both 64 bit (x64) and 32 bit (x86) windows applications using GCC and other free software compilers.
- Compiler toolchain hosts natively
- Supports Native TLS Callbacks
- Supports Wide-Character Startup (-municode)
- Supports 32-bit and 64-bit Windows i386/x64
- Supports Multilib toolchains
- Supports bleeding edge gcc/binutils.
Download MinGW-w64

Qt framework builds for Windows 64-bit.
Download Qt-x64

GNU Prolog
GNU Prolog is a free Prolog compiler with constraint solving over finite domains developed by Daniel Diaz. GNU Prolog accepts Prolog+constraint programs and produces native binaries (like gcc does from a C source). The obtained executable is then stand-alone. The size of this executable can be quite small since GNU Prolog can avoid to link the code of most unused built-in predicates. The performances of GNU Prolog are very encouraging (comparable to commercial systems). Beside the native-code compilation, GNU Prolog offers a classical interactive interpreter (top-level) with a debugger. The Prolog part conforms to the ISO standard for Prolog with many extensions very useful in practice (global variables, OS interface, sockets,...). GNU Prolog also includes an efficient constraint solver over Finite Domains (FD). This opens contraint logic programming to the user combining the power of constraint programming to the declarativity of logic programming.
Download GNU Prolog

Opticks is an expandable remote sensing and imagery analysis software platform. Opticks generates these products by analyzing signatures and data sets collected from specific technical sensors. Opticks presents data sets and signatures to the analyst using images and plots. The analyst then uses these views to manipulate the data and run algorithms to generate intelligence products. Opticks will provide users with a core tool suite manipulating data and running algorithms. It also provides access to a number of plug-ins.
Download Opticks

SWI Prolog
SWI-Prolog offers a comprehensive Free Software Prolog environment, which features fast compilation, robust and free of memory leaks, unbounded integer and rational number arithmetic based on GMP library, and flexible and fast interface to the C- and C++-Language. It bundled with interface libraries for Java (JPL), ODBC, TCP/IP sockets, SSL, and CGI form handling and it has comprehensive set of built-in predicates, covering Part 1 of the ISO standard, the de-facto Edinburgh Prolog standard and important parts of Quintus and SICStus Prolog.
Download SWI Prolog

Orwell Dev-C++
A maintained verison of Dev-C++ which features an updated MinGW compiler and updated code.
- Includes MinGW GCC 4.6.2 32bit or...
- Includes TDM-GCC 4.6.1 64bit
- Provides syntax highlighting for code, header and resource files
- Supports code completion and autocomplete
- Shows information about code when hovering above code
- Supports GPROF profiling
- Provides user-editable shortcuts and tools
- Supports multiple languages
- Supports GNU GDB debugging
- Supports code folding.
Download Orwell Dev-C++

Free Pascal
Free Pascal (aka FPK Pascal) is a 32 and 64 bit professional Pascal compiler. It is available for different processors: Intel x86, Amd64/x86_64, PowerPC, PowerPC64, Sparc, ARM. The discontinued 1.0 version also supports the Motorola 680x0. The following operating systems are supported: Linux, FreeBSD, Haiku, Mac OS X/Darwin, DOS, Win32, Win64, WinCE, OS/2, Netware (libc and classic) and MorphOS.
Download Free Pascal

Ghostscript is a package of software that provides an interpreter for the PostScript language, with the ability to convert PostScript language files to many raster formats, view them on displays, and print them on printers that don't have PostScript language capability built in, an interpreter for Portable Document Format (PDF) files, with the same abilities, the ability to convert PostScript language files to PDF (with some limitations) and vice versa, and a set of C procedures (the Ghostscript library) that implement the graphics and filtering (data compression, decompression, or conversion) capabilities that appear as primitive operations in the PostScript language and in PDF.
Download Ghostscript

Components & Libraries

Matplotlib is a python 2D plotting library. It produces publication quality figures in a variety of hardcopy formats and interactive environments across platforms. Matplotlib can be used in python scripts, the python and ipython shell, web application servers, and six graphical user interface toolkits. You can generate plots, histograms, power spectra, bar charts, errorcharts, scatterplots, etc, with just a few lines of code.
Download Matplotlib

GPU-SD is a library and daemon for the discovery and announcement of graphics processing units using ZeroConf. It enables auto-configuration of ad-hoc GPU clusters and multi-GPU machines. The GPU-SD library uses modules which implement discovery using different protocols. Each module is a separate library, which can be selectively linked by applications, limiting dependencies.
Download GPU-SD

dotNetTools is the suite including all 3 following tools: dotNet Sniffer, PvLog DeObfuscator and LicenseManagerKiller. dotNetTools is available for 32-bit and 64-bit processors. 64-bit versions also install the 32-bit executables that may be needed. If you use 64-bit Windows, install only the 64-bit version suitable for your processor.
Download dotNetTools

Gecode is a toolkit for developing constraint-based systems and applications. Gecode provides a constraint solver with state-of-the-art performance while being modular and extensible.
Download Gecode


DtSQL is an universal database tools for developers and database administrators to Query, Edit, Browse, and Manage database objects. It can access most databases and can be used on all major operating systems. DtSQL supports most databases: Cache, DB2, Derby / JavaDB, Firebird, FrontBase, H2, HSQLDB, Informix, Ingres, JDatastore, MaxDB, Mckoi, Mimer, MySQL, Oracle, Pervasive, Pointbase, Postgres, Solid, SQlite, SQL Server, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE).
Download DtSQL

Database Editor
The Database Editor is solution for developers and administrators. The program can work with several databases. It supports the standard functions : view and edit data, create or modify the structure of database, add and delete objects, export and import data. The program has a flexible SQL editor with history, code completion and highlight syntax.It supports all databases with ADO or ODBC drivers.
Download Database Editor

Infobright Community Edition
Infobright Community Edition (ICE) is a columnar analytic database built on MySQL, designed to deliver very fast query response against large data volumes. It is a self-tuning, columnar database that eliminates the need to create or maintain indexes, partition data, or perform other administrative tasks. ICE is integrated with MySQL 5.1, and includes a distribution of MySQL within the installer. Get Infobright Community Edition and take it for test run to see what it can actualy do for you!
Download Infobright Community Edition

DBeaver is free universal database tool for developers and database administrators.
- Usability is the main goal of this project, program UI is carefully designed and implemented.
- It is multiplatform.
- It is based on opensource framework and allows to write various extensions (plugins).
- It supports any database which has JDBC driver.
- It may handle any external datasource which may or may not have a JDBC driver.
- There is a set of plugins for certain databases (MySQL) and different database management utilities (ERD).
Download DBeaver


Visual DuxDebugger
Visual DuxDebugger is a 64-bit debugger disassembler for Windows, especially useful when source code is unavailable. The user interface is very intuitive so it makes very simple any task in reverse engineering, you can edit code, registers, and memory. Visual DuxDebugger provides wide information about the process being debugged, showing all loaded modules with all exported functions, call stack, threads and much more. The main difference with others debuggers is that Visual DuxDebugger can debug child-processes and multiple-processes.
Download Visual DuxDebugger

SimpleProgramDebugger is a simple debugging tool that attaches to existing running program or starts a new program in debugging mode, and then displays all major debugging events occurs while the program is running, including Exception, Create Thread, Create Process, Exit Thread, Exit Process, Load DLL, Unload Dll, and Debug String. After the debugging events are accumulated, you can easily export them into comma-delimited/tab-delimited/xml/html file or copy them to the clipboard and then paste them into Excel or any other spreadsheet application.
Download SimpleProgramDebugger

PEBrowseDbg64 Interactive
PEBrowseDbg64 Interactive is a 64-bit executable and requires the .NET framework. It will debug Win32/Win64 executables (and their child processes), managed (.NET) and/or native and does not use a remote debugging architecture.
Download PEBrowseDbg64 Interactive

PEBrowse64 Professional
PEBrowse64 Professional is a 64-bit executable and requires the .NET framework. It will display both Win32 and Win64 executables, native, managed and mixed. PEBrowse Professional is a static-analysis tool and disassembler for Win32/Win64 executables and Microsoft .NET assemblies.
Download PEBrowse64 Professional

LuaEdit is an IDE/Text Editor/Debugger for the Lua language. Its interface looks like MS Studio .Net® and includes syntax highlighting, code completion, advance breakpoint management, efficient search engines, etc. Free for commercial and personal uses.
Download LuaEdit

Programming Language

Processing is a programming language, development environment, and online community. Since 2001, Processing has promoted software literacy within the visual arts and visual literacy within technology. Initially created to serve as a software sketchbook and to teach computer programming fundamentals within a visual context, Processing evolved into a development tool for professionals. Today, there are tens of thousands of students, artists, designers, researchers, and hobbyists who use Processing for learning, prototyping, and production.
Download Processing

ooRexx is an Open Source project managed by Rexx Language Association (RexxLA) providing a free implementation of Object Rexx. ooRexx is distributed under Common Public License. Object Rexx is an enhancement of classic Rexx; a powerful, full-featured programming language which has a human-oriented syntax. The Open Object Rexx interpreter allows you to write programs procedurally as well as in an object-oriented fashion. Its main benefits include easy to use and easy to learn, upwardly compatible with classic Rexx, ability to issue commands to multiple environments, offers powerful functions, enhanced with full object orientation, designed for object-oriented programming, and also allows Rexx conventional programming, and provides a standard Rexx API to develop external function libraries written in C.
Download ooRexx

Racket's interactive mode encourages experimentation, and quick scripts easily compose into larger systems. Small scripts and large systems both benefit from native-code JIT compilation. When a system gets too big to keep in your head, you can add static types.
Download Racket

Scripting Language

Bat To Exe Converter
Bat To Exe Converter converts bat script files to exe files. There are some differences to normal bat files. You can create invisible applications, you can include additional binaries, icons and version informations to your program. Usage: Select a batch file and the save path. Customize your settings. Click on the button 'Compile'. You can also use the commandline.
Download Bat To Exe Converter

AutoHotkey_L is a custom build of AutoHotkey maintained by Lexikos. Features include:
- Objects (extensible associative arrays).
- Interactive debugging features, when used with a compatible debugging client.
- Significant functionality developed by other community members: Native 64-bit support, Native COM support, Native Unicode support, Support for various text encodings, New DllCall arg types for portability, Object-oriented file I/O ...
Download AutoHotkey_L

AutoIt is a freeware BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI and general scripting.
Download AutoIt

Hex Editors

Funduc Software Hex Editor (FSHED) is not intended to be a full featured programmers hex editor. But if you need a lightweight editor that is free, you are welcome to use it. FSHED features include: Multi-file editing; File Insert; Revert; Bookmarks; Clipboard Paste choices; Block Selection; Search/Replace; Read only switch; Print Preview; Display Choices (Bytes per line, Offset length, ANSI/OEM, Little-Endian/Big-Endian, Font Size, Screen Colors, and more); Command Line Switches (offset at offset and selection length); and more.
Download FSHED

Developer Tools

GraphStudioNext is a tool for developers to build and test DirectShow Graphs. It is a fork of GraphStudio. GraphStudioNext allows you to load their your media files into a graphical interface that displays exactly which codecs (coding and decoding programs) are being used to play or display those files. This software will show you every DirectShow codec, filter and post-processor being used by your computer.
Download GraphStudioNext

Doxygen can generate an on-line documentation browser (in HTML) and/or an off-line reference manual from a set of documented source files. There is also support for generating output in RTF (MS-Word), PostScript, hyperlinked PDF, compressed HTML, and UNIX man pages. The documentation is extracted directly from the sources, which makes it much easier to keep the documentation consistent with the source code. You can configure Doxygen to extract the code structure from undocumented source files.
Download Doxygen

Modelio is a first and foremost a modeling environment, supporting a wide range of models and diagrams, and providing model assistance and consistency checking features. It combines BPMN support and UML support in one tool, with dedicated diagrams to support business process modeling. It provides an XMI import/export feature that enables you to exchange UML2 models between different tools. The Java Designer module uses an RCP/Eclipse-style project file structure, and supports Java code generation and reverse, Javadoc generation and Java automation.
Download Modelio

TXM is a free and open-source cross-platform Unicode and XML based text/corpus analysis environment and graphical client, supporting Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It can also be used online as a J2EE standard compliant web portal (GWT based) with access control built in. It offers a comprehensive range of analysis tools (concordances, collocate search, frequency lists, etc.) based on the powerfull CQP full text search engine and a range of statistical functions (factorial analysis, classification, cooccurrency analysis, etc.) based on R packages.
Download TXM

The OpenSSL Project is a collaborative effort to develop a robust, commercial-grade, full-featured, and Open Source toolkit implementing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols as well as a full-strength general purpose cryptography library. The project is managed by a worldwide community of volunteers that use the Internet to communicate, plan, and develop the OpenSSL toolkit and its related documentation.
Download OpenSSL

The FileTest tool serves for interactive calling of Win32 and NT APIs working with file system (CreateFile, ReadFile, WriteFile, NtCreateFile). You can choose all parameters of e.g. CreateFile function by the mouse, then press the 'CreateFile' button. The function will be called, application checks the return value and shows the operation result as text message. Besides CreateFile, you can also read a file, write to a file, map file to memory etc.
Download FileTest

Kactus2 is the first graphical open source IP-XACT toolset to design embedded products, especially FPGA-based MP-SoCs. It provides easier IP reusabilility and practical HW/SW abstraction for easier application SW development. Kactus2 was created in order to offer an easy entrance to metadata based design methodology.
Download Kactus2

uDig is an open source desktop application framework, built with Eclipse Rich Client (RCP) technology. uDig can be used as a stand-alone application. The goal of uDig is to provide a complete Java solution for desktop GIS data access, editing, and viewing. uDig can be extended with RCP 'plug-ins' and it can be used as a plug-in in an existing RCP application. uDig features coordinate reference system support for all data sources, and on-the-fly coordinate system transformation and full support for network-based installation of optional features and upgrading of existing features.
Download uDig

Veracity is a reliable, private collaboration server for your team. Bug tracking, milestone management, build tracking, and wiki pages are all handled via web interface - which can run locally on each developer's machine, as well as via shared servers (including our hosted servers). Veracity takes previously-scary or painful things like Branching, Merging and working Offline and makes them comfortable. Most merges are resolved automatically, and when in doubt, DiffMerge is available to sort things out. It features complete control over user access and administrative rights and free accounts can have up to five users.
Download Veracity

Software Ideas Modeler
Software Ideas Modeler is a modern, lightweight and powerful diagramming CASE tool with support for UML, SysML, BPMN diagrams, flowcharts, entity relationship diagrams and many other diagrams. It supports source code generation, reverse engineering, documentation generation, importing and exporting from/to various formats, etc. (Free for non-commercial uses ONLY.)
Download Software Ideas Modeler

API Monitor
API Monitor is a free software that monitors and displays API calls made by applications and services. Its a powerful tool for seeing how applications and services work or for tracking down problems that you have in your own applications. API Monitor supports monitoring of 64-bit applications and services. The 64-bit version can only be used to monitor 64-bit applications.
Download API Monitor

Agnito is a tool to help developers and security professionals conduct manual security code reviews in a consistent and repeatable way. Agnito aims to replace the adhoc nature of manual security code review documentation, create an audit trail and reporting.
Download Agnito

CommitMonitor is a tool to monitor Apache Subversion repositories for new commits. It has a very small memory footprint and resides in the system tray. In case you have multiple repositories under an SVNParentPath with the SVNListParentPath directive activated in Apache, the CommitMonitor can monitor these URLs too. Once CommitMonitor has found new commits to one or more of the repositories you monitor, it shows a notification popup, and the system tray icon changes the 'eyes' from black to red. And if you have the system tray animation enabled in the Options dialog, the eyes will also move around until you open the CommitMonitor main dialog and read the commits.
Download CommitMonitor

CSWorks is a development framework for building web-based HMI (Human Machine Interface), SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), EMI (Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence) and M2M (Machine to Machine) software applications. To address concerns about the responsiveness and performance of web-based solutions, CSWorks uses available network bandwidth for data transfers and only transports actual data changes between distributed components.
Download CSWorks

Jaspersoft Studio
Jaspersoft Studio is an eclipse-based report designer for JasperReports and JasperReports Server. It can build reports from any data source, format the look and feel for print or on-screen reading, deploy to JasperReports Server, and export to a wide range of formats.
Download Jaspersoft Studio

Gurux Device Editor
Gurux Device Editor creates a device profile of the protocol and parameters of any physical device. The profile is a device template, containing protocols, settings, and messages understood by the device. Then create one or more user interfaces for the profile. New device types can be used immediately, without any upgrading. No programming skills needed.
Download Gurux Device Editor

FS Code Format
Funduc Software Code Format (FS Code Format) is a free source code reformatter or beautifier for use by programmers. The program has options to determine handling of spacing, tabs, line breaks, indentation, maximum line length, and comments. Options are set at the time of processing and reformatting action is initiated by clicking on the OK button. Backup choices include writing numbered backup files in the original path or output to a different path.
Download FS Code Format

Static Import Finder
Static Import Finder finds all matching functions/dll statically imported by 'exe' or 'dll' in a specified directory. This is the tool you need if you don't know which 'exe' or 'dll' is using your 'dll'. The searched string can use the '*' and '?' jokers, and an insensitive case search is done.
Note: This tool doesn't show you exe/dll loading dynamically your 'dll' (with LoadLibrary or similar API).
Download Static Import Finder

Shell Runner
Shell Runner is a utility designed to help design and test batch files and command scripts. It displays the output of the command in a window, optionally with a time stamp, clearly marking error output in red. A combined output/error log and/or separate output and error logs can be save automatically.
Download Shell Runner

Spark Loader
Spark Loader is a boot loader for AVR microcontrollers, it is used for programming flash and EEPROM using a serial link between your computer and the microcontroller through any free COM port. Spark Loader consists of two parts: 1. On - chip boot loader: A hex file that resides at the boot section of the flash memory. 2. Windows application: It has the responsibility of transmitting flash and EEPROM data into the microcontroller.
Download Spark Loader

Dll Export Finder
Dll Export Finder finds functions exported by dll in a specified directory.
This is the tool you need if you don't remember in which dll is located the exported function your looking for.
The searched string can use the '*' and '?' jokers, and an insensitive case search is done.
To list all exported functions in a diretory, just make a search on '*'.
Download Dll Export Finder

JRuby provides a complete set of core 'builtin' classes and syntax for the Ruby language, as well as most of the Ruby Standard Libraries. The standard libraries are mostly Ruby's own complement of .rb files, but a few that depend on C language-based extensions have been re-implemented. Some are still missing, but we hope to implement as many as is feasible and allow the embedding of the interpreter into any Java application.
Download JRuby

This toolbar will be useful for Delphi developers as a framework for their own toolbars for Internet Explorer x64. Features: XP themes support, Native chevron support, Resizeable textbox, Solved the problem with accelerator keys (BACKSPACE, etc.) and hints, TAB key support, After installation the toolbar appears in the separate line, Gradient background support, Buttons images with alpha channel, Hot button images, Access to current page (HTML document), All x64 Windows versions, All x64 Internet Explorer versions.
Download IEDemoToolbar64

SWI-Prolog offers a comprehensive free software Prolog environment, which features fast compilation, robust and free of memory leaks, unbounded integer and rational number arithmetic based on GMP library, and flexible and fast interface to the C and C++ language. It bundled with interface libraries for Java (JPL), ODBC, TCP/IP sockets, SSL, and CGI form handling and it has comprehensive set of built-in predicates, covering Part 1 of the ISO standard, the de-facto Edinburgh Prolog standard and important parts of Quintus and SICStus Prolog.
Download SWI-Prolog

PvLog DeObfuscator
PvLog Deobfuscator is a MSIL code optimizer. One side effect of the optimizer is that it can make more readable obfuscated code. PvLog DeObfuscator can also rename the types and names of members to further improve readability. This tool does not require installation: you just need to run the executable. The assembly generated by Deobfusctator may not always run because of protective measures implemented in the assembly (protection against code modification), but should be able to load in reflector.
Download PvLog DeObfuscator

GXDirector is a software for product development, quality control, maintenance, and general device control. Read property values from a physical device, edit them if needed, and write new values back to the device, or save values in a file for later use. You can attach all types of devices to GXDirector. Control all your devices at the same time, with one software, and independent of the device type and the type of the connection.
Download GXDirector

Mercurial is a distributed revision control system. It is fast, scalable, and portable. It provides similar features to tools like CVS and Subversion, but is fully distributed, so you can use it anywhere: on a disconnected laptop, in a geographically dispersed team, or inside a corporate network.
Download Mercurial

TortoiseSVN is a really easy to use Revision control / version control / source control application for Windows. It is based on Subversion. TortoiseSVN provides a nice and easy user interface for Subversion. Since TortoiseSVN is a Windows shell extension, it integrates in the file explorer. That means you can use it with the tool you are most familiar with.
Download TortoiseSVN

DLL Export Viewer
This utility displays the list of all exported functions and their virtual memory addresses for the specified DLL files. You can easily copy the memory address of the desired function, paste it into your debugger, and set a breakpoint for this memory address. When this function is called, the debugger will stop in the beginning of this function.
Download DLL Export Viewer

GDIView is a unique tool that displays the list of GDI handles (brushes, pens, fonts, bitmaps, and others) opened by every process. It displays the total count for each type of GDI handle, as well as detailed information about each handle. This tool can be useful for developers that need to trace GDI resources leak in their software.
Download GDIView


TeXnicCenter is a LaTeX editor on Windows. Navigating LaTeX documents is simple due to the automatically created document outline. Errors of the LaTeX compilation can be reviewed instantly. TXC features autocompletion and comes with LaTeX templates.
Download TeXnicCenter

Notepas is a fast native multi-platform text editor written in Lazarus and can be compiled for multiple platforms and widget sets using the advanced native Free Pascal Compiler. Aimed towards developers it is equipped with some functions usually not found in other text editors and introduces a couple of new exclusive features.
Download Notepas

EMPU (pronounced 'eh-mm-p-you') stands for Enhanced Multilingual Programming Utility. Basically EMPU is a lightweight text editor with many of the features of an IDE. There are several applications in existence that accomplish parts this goal, however each has its own downside. EMPU was designed to overcome these flaws.
Download EMPU

Dart Editor
Dart Editor is a tool that designed to write programs. Dart supports classes as a fundamental structural building block for libraries and apps. Classes define the structure of an object, and you can extend them to create more specialized definitions. New features such as implicit interfaces and named constructors make it easier to say more while typing less. It includes lexical scoping and a convenient closure mechanism, libraries to create reusable modules of functionality, annotations and documentation that help clearly indicate your intent, remove the type annotations if you're just scripting around or if you're trying to express something that is challenging to express with a single type annotation, you can write code that is easier to understand through named parameters, create isolates for concurrent programming and to run third-party code more securely, asynchronous programming, explicit collections with generics, better for loops, and error handling with exceptions.
Download Dart Editor

Devpad is an Open Source Notepad like VB.Net Multi-tab Source Code Editor for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 that supports ASM, ASP.Net, Boo, C#, C++, CSS, HTML, INI, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, SQL, VB.Net, XML and plain text files. It also supports syntax highlighting and line numbering. Import files from archives, FlowDocuments and Rich Text Documents. Export files to Wordpress, archives, images, FlowDocuments, Rich Text Documents and Webpages.
Download Devpad

Java Overall Editor is a complex editor and viewer for compiled java binaries (.class files).
- Viewer for: constant pool, methods, fields, attributes
- Editor for: constant pool, bytecode, file header, attributes
- Python scripting for encrypted strings.
Download dirtyJOE

Vim is an advanced text editor that seeks to provide the power of the de-facto Unix editor 'Vi', with a more complete feature set. It's useful whether you're already using Vi or using a different editor.
Download Vim


Cygwin is:
- a collection of tools which provide a Linux look and feel environment for Windows.
- a DLL (cygwin1.dll) which acts as a Linux API layer providing substantial Linux API functionality.
Cygwin is not a way to run native Linux apps on Windows. You must rebuild your application from source if you want it to run on Windows.
Download Cygwin

Lazarus is a stable and feature rich visual programming environment for the Free Pascal Compiler. Lazarus is the class libraries for Free Pascal that emulates Delphi. Free Pascal is designed to be able to understand and compile Delphi syntax, which is of course OOP. Lazarus is the part of the missing puzzle that will allow you to develop Delphi like programs in all of the above platforms. Unlike Java which strives to be a write once run anywhere, Lazarus and Free Pascal strives for write once compile anywhere. Since the exact same compiler is available on all of the above platforms it means you don't need to do any recoding to produce identical products for different platforms.
Download Lazarus

LuaEdit 2010
LuaEdit is an IDE/Text Editor/Debugger for the Lua language. Its interface looks like MS Visual Studio .Net and includes syntax highlighting, code completion, advance breakpoint management, efficient search engines, etc. Client under GPL and server (core debugger) under LGPL.
Download LuaEdit 2010

Eclipse Classic
Eclipse includes tools made to give developers the freedom of choice in a multi-language, multi-platform, multi-vendor environment. Eclipse provides a plug-in based framework that makes it easier to create, integrate, and utilize software tools, saving time and money. By collaborating and exploiting core integration technology, tool producers can leverage platform reuse and concentrate on core competencies to create new development technology.
Download Eclipse Classic

Orwell Dev-C++
Orwell's Dev-C++ is an IDE for the C/C++ programming language based on the Mingw port of GCC. It features a project manager, syntax highlighting editor, class browser, code completion, integrated debugging etc. Orwell's Dev-C++ is also based on the famous Bloodshed Dev-C++ (which at present isn't being maintained by the original developer) and hosts a number of fixes including support for 64-bit processors.
Download Orwell Dev-C++

Resource Editors

ResourcesExtract is a small utility that scans dll/ocx/exe files and extract all resources (bitmaps, icons, cursors, AVI movies, HTML files, and more...) stored in them into the folder that you specify. You can use ResourcesExtract in user interface mode, or alternatively, you can run ResourcesExtract in command-line mode without displaying any user interface.
Download ResourcesExtract

Control Content Saver
A lot of software gives you some important informations or results in Listview or other controls, but the trouble is developers don't give you a way to save these results. Control Content Saver tries to fill this lack. This application will help you easily grab content of Listview, Listbox, Combobox, Password fields, Static and of course Edit fields. Note: you need the both executables (32+64 bit) to be able to grab content of 32 and 64 bit applications.
Download Control Content Saver

Dependency Walker
Dependency Walker is a free utility that scans any 32-bit or 64-bit Windows module (exe, dll, ocx, sys, etc.) and builds a hierarchical tree diagram of all dependent modules. For each module found, it lists all the functions that are exported by that module, and which of those functions are actually being called by other modules. Another view displays the minimum set of required files, along with detailed information about each file including a full path to the file, base address, version numbers, machine type, debug information, and more.
Download Dependency Walker

ResEdit is a free resource editor for Windows programs. You can use it if you want to use dialogs, icons, version information or other types of resources. Output files can be compiled by any Windows compiler that includes a resource compiler, like MinGW and Microsoft Visual C++.
Download ResEdit