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Version: 1.9
Release: October 17, 2004
OS: Windows XP / 2000 / NT4 / Me / 98 / 95


WinGet is a download accelerator that can increase download speeds by up to 300 percent. Unlike similar applications, it is completely free. It does not contain any banner ads or spy-ware. The acceleration is achieved by splitting the file being downloaded into several parts and downloading these parts at the same time. You may automatically resume broken downloads if your connection is lost or if your computer accidentally shuts down. It is fully integrated into the browser, providing the best possible performance from any Internet connection (dial-up, cable, DSL/ADSL, T1 etc.). It has HTTP and SOCKS proxy support.

Download WinGet 1.9 (603 kB)

Download WinGet 1.6 (435 kB)

Download WinGet 1.4 (431 kB)

Download WinGet 1.1 (121 kB)

Instant Messenger 2

OS: Windows 2000/9x/XP


IM2 is an cross-platform instant messenger that offers connectivity for AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN, and Yahoo, allowing you to stay in touch with all your friends, regardless of which IM network they are using. It supports file transfers, chat, online status, audio and video conferencing, file sharing and more. It is just as easy to use as your regular instant messenger, just add or import (Trillian) your existing accounts, and you are ready to go.

Download IM2 (4821 kB)

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