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Allway Sync Free
Version 11.1.3, release date: December 28, 2010
Allway Sync searches for the latest versions of your files in the specified folders, and copies the modified file to the counterpart folder, i.e. it synchronizes your folders.
Unlike other directory synchronization software that just copies file with the most recent file modification time, Allway Sync implements a sophisticated algorithm which does not depend on system clock accuracy, and also propagates file and folder deletions properly.

Version 2.01, release date: December 21, 2010
Use Defraggler to defrag your entire hard drive, or individual files - unique in the industry. This compact and portable Windows application supports NTFS and FAT32 file systems.

Version 1.1, release date: December 9, 2010
HiveDefrag is a powerful utility that defragments your registry which increases system performance. The registry can become fragmented in two different ways, 1) the files on disk can become fragmented and 2) the internal structure of the hives can become fragmented. SysInternals (a.k.a. Microsoft) tool PageDefrag only deals with the first form of fragmentation, whereas HiveDefrag deals with the second. As it turns out, defragmenting the registry files has little if any improvement on system performance, but defragmenting the registry hives does improve the system performance. The more the machine has been used since Windows was installed, the more fragmented the registry will be, the more improvement you will get from this program.

Version 1.42, release date: December 29, 2010
MyEventViewer is a simple alternative to the standard event viewer of Windows. As oppose to Windows event viewer, MyEventViewer allows you to watch multiple event logs in one list, as well as the event description and data are displayed in the main window, instead of opening a new one. Also, with MyEventViewer you can easily select multiple event items and then save them to HTML/Text/XML file, or copy them to the clipboard (Ctrl+C) and then paste them into Excel.

Version 1.5, release date: December 3, 2010
Open++ is a context menu shell extension that allows you to quickly open the selected files or folders with the customized commands. It adds a submenu with customized menu items to the shell context menu when right clicking files or folders in Windows Explorer. Open++ also provides some predefined commands, such as Open Command Prompt, Copy Path, Change Properties, Create Sub Folder, View File Checksum, Run With Arguments, Register DLL, Unregister DLL, Copy Shortcut Target, Find Shortcut Target, and so on.

PDF-XChange Viewer
Version 2.5.190, release date: December 22, 2010
Those Wishing to View/Modify or perform simple editing of PDF files on their Windows PC's now have a FREE alternative ! The PDF-XChange Viewer is smaller, faster and more feature rich than any other FREE PDF Reader/Viewer available.

Version 1.85, release date: December 19, 2010
Pinkie is a suite of network troubleshooting utilities packaged in an intuitive, easy to use user interface. It can continuously ping multiple hosts at the same time, perform forward & reverse DNS lookups as well as traceroute automatically. Results can be logged to disk or coppied to the clipboard with a click of a button. Traceroute can be coppied as a whole or per hop basis. Last hop can be identified and coppied with a simple right click. With Subnet Calculator, network information can be calculated and verified easily. Ping Sweep can scan the entire subnet for live hosts while Port Scanner can assist one to identifying which port is open and which is not.

Version 1.83, release date: December 29, 2010
RegScanner is a small utility that allows you to scan the Registry, find the desired Registry values that match to the specified search criteria, and display them in one list. After finding the Registry values, you can easily jump to the right value in RegEdit, simply by double-clicking the desired Registry item. You can also export the found Registry values into a .reg file that can be used in RegEdit.

Version 5.3.0, release date: December 15, 2010
Scilab is an interactive platform for numerical computation providing a powerful computing environment for engineering and scientific applications.
Gathering both industrial needs and scientific advances, Scilab covers a wide spectrum of areas: aerospace, automotive, energy, defense, finance, chemistry, biology, medicine...
Scilab includes hundreds of mathematical functions. It has a high level programming language allowing access to advanced data structures, 2-D and 3-D graphical functions.

Version 1.9.11, release date: December 24, 2010
VirtualDub is a video capture/processing utility for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms,, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It lacks the editing power of a general-purpose editor such as Adobe Premiere, but is streamlined for fast linear operations over video. It has batch-processing capabilities for processing large numbers of files and can be extended with third-party video filters. VirtualDub is mainly geared toward processing AVI files, although it can read (not write) MPEG-1 and also handle sets of BMP images.

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