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Windows File Analyzer

(forensic file analysis)

Version: 2.1.0
OS: Windows All
Release: November 25, 2010
Download file size: 587 kB

Windows File Analyzer

This application decodes and analyzes some special files used by Windows OS. In these files is interesting information for forensic analysis.

Every analysis results can be printed in user-friendly form.

It's designed in Multiple Document Interface.


  • Thumbnail Database Analyzer
    This analyzer reads Thumbs.db file and displays its content with stored data include image preview.
  • Prefetch Analyzer
    It reads files stored usually in Prefetch folder and diggs out stored informaton.
  • Shortcut Analyzer
    This tool reads all shortcut files in specified folder and displays data stored in them.
  • Index.DAT Analyzer
    This analyzer reads specified Index.Dat file and displays its content. Index.Dat files store usually data of Internet Explorer cookies, temporary files or history.
  • Recycle Bin Analyzer
    This analyzer decodes and displays Info2 files that hold recycle bin content information.

Download Windows File Analyzer

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