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Program of the Month @ (October 2002)

(web photo album generator)

Version: 2.6
Release: October 26, 2002

Drop a folder containing image and movie files onto JAlbum and press 'Make album'. JAlbum will create thumbnails of your images and display them in html index pages. You can also have JAlbum produce a slide show of your images for easy navigation one at a time. The output may contain scaled-down versions of the original images. Clicking on these images may bring up the original image (for printing etc). JAlbum does not touch or modify your original images in any way. It just adds some files and folders to the image folder you specify during web creation. JAlbum can also create a web of a hierarchy of image folders. JAlbum supports jpeg, gif and png image files and popular movie formats like .avi, .mpg and .wmv

(JAlbum is a 100% Java program and requires the Java Runtime 1.3 to be installed.)

Download 1.7 MB (without Java VM), 7.4 MB (includes Java VM)

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