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(email client)

OS: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista (2000/XP/Vista recommended)
Release: July 16, 2007
Download file size: 5.0 MB



DreamMail is one of the best email client software. It was designed to handle multi-user and multi email account. The supported protocols are SMTP, eSMTP, POP 3, Hotmail and Yahoo... With the supplementary remote mail box access function, you might use it to logon your mail account remotely and check the mail content, preview even to delete it directly from the server; The combination use of mail filter, blacklist and white list, can sort out the junk mail effectively.


Multi-accounts & Multi-users

DreamMail can manage many users at same time, and can set perfectly many mail accounts.

Antispam filter, scan every dangerous file

The antispam filter spots spams through all your mails and send them to SPAM box.

Rules of messages

Manage black & white lists to send your mails to your Mailbox(es) or to Spam Box(es).

Data compress

Your data (accounts, contacts, mail list) can be automatically compressed to use less disk space.

Preview online or offline

You can disable downloading online contents to protect your computer from spams.

Templates and signatures management

Mail templates are included into the software, and you caneasily create yourself new templates. You can also edit your signatures, and change them according to your feelings!

Miscellaneous protocols management

POP3, SMTP, ESMTP protocols are available. Webmails like Hotmail or Yahoo! are easily accessible from the User Interface.

Multiple sending

You can send a mail to your whole family, or to many of your friends, Multi-sending can help you to write only one message for all receivers...

View in HTML or TEXT mode

Received mails can be displayed on HTML mode or TEXT mode.

Easy access to source and headers

Headers and source can be easily displayed by clicking on toolbar, that can help knowing where your mails come from.

What does this do Outlook Express and/or Thunderbird doesn't?

- There is a lightweight portable version that Outlook does not have!
- It is much faster than Thunderbird!
- The management of address book is a lot more powerful than Thunderbird and Outlook Express!
- The view of emails is a lot better!

Pro and Con

- DreamMail manages email accounts and RSS feeds with power and security
- You can use and create flexible message templates, and DreamMail works with stationery, too
- DreamMail finds messages related to a contact swiftly, and you can flag messages with versatility
- DreamMail has trouble with language encodings other than US-English and Chinese
- You cannot set up virtual folders to organize mail or assign free-form labels to messages
- DreamMail does not support IMAP accounts and lacks effective spam filtering

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