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Program of the Month @ (July 2002)

Log Monitor
(files and directories monitoring tool)

Version: 1.4.2
Release: July 25, 2002
Zip File Size: 595 kB
System Requirements: Windows 9x/NT/ME/2K.

Log Monitor is a files and directories monitoring tool. The program periodically checks selected file's modification time and executes external program if file's time was changed or not changed. For directories it handles such events as files change, addition or removal.

- Several files can be monitored simultaneously, each file has its own interval and is processing in the separate thread.
- List of files stores in the configuration file.
- Minimizes to System Tray.
- There is ability to pause monitoring of selected files. "Paused" state can be stored in the configuration file.
- Works on the schedule, can check files and directories only during selected time interval and days of week.
- Ability to pass changed/added file(s) information to the external program via parameters.

Download (596 kB)

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