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Program of the Month @ (June 2002)

(tweaking utility)

Version: 6.2
Release: June 2002
File size: 4560 kB

X-Setup - The mother of all Windows tweaking utilities for Windows 95/98/NT/2k/XP. It has more tweaks than TweakUI and TweakAll combined, and has many new features and abilities.

Xteq Systems X-Setup is a so-called "tweaker" program. It allows you to change settings that are normally hidden deeply in some configuration-files (like the registry) fast and easily.

• Covers and works on all available Windows 32-bit platforms: 95, 98 (SE), NT 4.0, 2000, ME and XP
• More than 810 hidden functions can be controlled with some simple button clicks (e.g. Windows, Internet Explorer, Instant Messaging, Office, Explorer appearance, Server options, Network settings, Security...)
• By using an Explorer-like layout and the famous back and next buttons (you already know from your Internet browser) navigation is very simple
• With 'wizards' you can change your system in a step-by-step process
• X-Setup is ready for your wishes in about five seconds and needs only at about 5 MB RAM. Also, it does not install any automatically launched "helper" apps like many other programs. If you exit X-Setup, it is gone and there's nothing running in the background that would bog down your system
• With the Search function you can easily search all plug-ins for the setting you are looking for
• X-Setup can also write a very detailed logfile that includes every change it has made to your configuration and you can choose where to store this file

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