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Power Copy

(copy environment for data backup / recovery)

Version: 1.7
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
Release: March 19, 2010
Download file size: 32-bit 856 kB, 64-bit 983 kB

Power Copy

Power Copy provides a specialized copy environment useful for data backup and data recovery applications. It gets past Windows security so you don't need to worry about having proper permissions. Files that are physically damaged are automatically skipped and the copy process continues. On-screen alerts let you know of any issues encountered.

Easily drag and drop files with the Windows Explorer shell extension. Use the standalone executables provided in the installation directory to launch Power Copy on another computer without having to install it.


  • Access secured files and folders - There's no need to take ownership of files and folders before copying them. Even if Windows Explorer cannot access the file, Power Copy will get past Windows security and copy the file for you.
  • Automatically skips damaged files - Performing a data recovery from a damaged disk is easy. Power Copy will automatically skip damaged files and continue with the data recovery.
  • Notifies you if a copy error occurred - Power Copy displays any events you may be interested in on the main window.

Download Power Copy - REMOVED - License changed to shareware

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