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(your number 1 clipboard assistant)

Version: 1.92
Release: March 7, 2007
Download file size: 756 kB


ClipGuru™ is for the Windows user who would like to have a full-featured clipboard rather than the standard Windows one. ClipGuru™ gives users the ability to recall and reuse current and past clipboard contents, and to optionally save those clips into your own clip Sets for future use.

ClipGuru™ runs in the background and does not in any way affect the normal use of the Windows clipboard. It simply grabs a copy of everything copied to the clipboard and saves it for you. Every clipboard content is preserved as an individual item and is kept available for display and recall at any time.

ClipGuru™ will satisfy the requirements of the vast majority of users. With ease-of-use the design goal, ClipGuru™ is not a "do everything" clipboard manager with bloated features which would never be used by the vast majority of users.

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