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(tool for handling, formatting, and converting any type of text)
Version: 1.0.530.0
Release: February 24, 2004
File size: 4.08 MB
Beta-level freeware*
System Requirements: WinNT/2000/XP

TextMaestro is a powerful, versatile new tool for handling, formatting, and converting any type of text.
Chances are that, sooner or later, you will need to convert text from one form to another, and you will want to do it without the laborious repetitive formatting tasks.
This is when you will need TextMaestro.
If you often work from home on codes and documents which are hosted on a remote system, TextMaestro Auto-sync is your best friend.

With TextMaestro's patent-pending technologies, you can master any text conversion project no matter how large it is. That’s because, with TextMaestro’s library-based paradigm, you can develop or reuse "semantic" rules for your conversion project one at a time and then apply them in any order and combination until the "grammar" is correct for your particular project.
Once you have defined your conversion rules, you can refine, replace, and remove as much as you need to. Then you can execute your custom conversion project in a production or batch mode. TextMaestro will do the rest.
Here are some of the conversion tasks TextMaestro can perform:
- Add, clean and modify XML flags for legacy documents.
- Convert legacy assembly code to a different language such as C.
- Generate clean text from unstructured text of legacy formatting.
- Write code using information from multiple tables.
- Write script files.
- Clean, modify source code of any kind.
TextMaestro also features fully integrated, session-based, multi-platform FTP with auto-syncronization so that you can work seamlessly with files that are mounted on any number of remote systems by manipulating them locally and synchronizing them automatically.


* This software is Beta-level freeware. You are free to use it for both commercial and non-commercial purposes for a period of 90 days. Redistribution in binary form is permitted ONLY for the original, unmodified software package. In an effort to keep users updated with changes, downloads are designed to expire after certain time. This by no means should be construed against freeware policy. Users are strongly advised to check on and download new releases occasionally.

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