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Program of the Month @ (February 2003)

(web logging program)

Version: 7.1
Release: February 27, 2002
System Requirements: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2k/XP.

Blog is an automatic web logging program which allows you to update your site easily without the hassles of HTML editing and having to use a separate program to upload your work. You simply set Blog up with the necessary information for logging into your site via FTP, define a template to specify the look for your page and then type in your entries in the main Blog window and click Publish and Blog does the rest! Blog also handles the task of generating archival entries for older posts. It is a really convenient way to keep a site (or multiple sites) updated without going through several programs to do the job.

Blog can be operated in three different modes - a) Standalone - which allows a single person to maintain their own site(s) from their desktop machine b) Server - which allows collaboration between several people or for the same person to post from multiple locations using the third mode of Blog which is ... c) Client. The Client and Server modes might be a bit confusing to set up but do refere to the included Blog.txt file which is present in all distros of Blog to get some hints as to what you need to do.

Download (1.93 MB)

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