Freeware Guide
Program of the Month @ (January 2002)

InfoRapid Search & Replace
(search and replace utility)

Version: 3.1c
Release: 01/21/02
File size: 1019 kB
System Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

InfoRapid Search & Replace is one of the most powerful search and replace utilities currently available for MS Windows. With it's built-in HTML filter, it's excellent for searching and previewing HTML documents (also in the cache of your internet browser). InfoRapid supports many advanced search/replace techniques. One of the nicest features is the fact that you can preview the search results with highlighted keywords in the built in browser. The search and replace process can be automated with the help of batch files to replace several phrases in one step. The found documents can be opened in a preview window, in which the matches are highlighted. A special feature is that InfoRapid can use MS Office converters to search WinWord, Excel, Lotus and other documents and preview them in their original layout.


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