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I have a problem with the FlyakiteOSX software you are hosting:
The link you have for Home "" is not correct. He is NOT the developer of this software, I am.

The owner of originally created the site as a mirror for my software, and has since spammed about every possible download site listing his e-mail/site as the publisher.

The official site is I would like that his account on this site be terminated, and control over the listing be transfered to me. If you go to the FAQ page on and scroll all the way to the bottom, you will see the credit for the original creator.

Thank you,

Chris Kite

Dear Sir, Many thanks for your public thanks today (Sunday, 10/2/2005) My pleasure!

And now back to what I do best (if you are interested to know) Finding and destroying anything on the net that is not strictly "Kosher". I help only ethical sites. The rest of them hate me. (I cause much grief) Your site is excellent. It is in my interest (and 300 million other users) that it stays that way. You obviously care -- or your site would not be so clean.

And my very good friend Bob M. likes you as well. Thats good enough for me. But mistakes can be made. I'm sure you know that already. There's some sneaky stuff about yes?

Would you object if I tipped you off now and again with my findings? You are the site boss, and totaly free to ignore every word I say about an application (I don't think you will)

The program you have listed SIW. 3 weeks of great fun with this one. Still baffled by it.

I tested 1.53 When you click on "installed applications" there is an immediate outbound to any one of about 4 IP's. All belong to Microsoft Update. 1 to the London Data Centre.

When I asked the author to explain himself, he merely said "doesn't trigger Zonealarm".
A very strange response from a "concerned" author. A few days later he released a new version (1.54) The new version DOES NOT outbound to Microsoft. Hmmm.

In 1.54 I found a new strange behaviour. When you click on "Get my IP" it can outbound to I think 5 servers. To get an IP? Not too sure about this behaviour.

The point is. The user is not asked for permission to outbound. The user is not warned anywhere that it WILL outbound. Who's the PC boss. The user or SIW?

ClamAv reports exploit DCOM.GEN Some firewalls report outbound mail attempts.
McAfee Viruscan reports PW-Crack Finder. This is a password cracker. The program does indeed include a password cracker in the interface. And it works too. These "abilities" coupled with its still unexplained outbounds to MS makes me very nervous of this program.

Regarding the alarms this program generates in various ways, the author describes them on his site as only "false alarms". Of course they are. And pigs might fly one day. I can tell you that Webgrid erred on the side of safety and removed it. Too many unknowns. involved.

As I write this I have just cracked the exact same problem with the German program Fileanalyser (after making my bald patch much bigger) I don't think you list this one. Don't bother. Click on "scan hidden files". Immediate outbound to ftp at
I asked the author as usual. WTF is happening here. Reply from him? Nope!
The recent huge upsurge in "system info" programs is beginning to reveal a new trend.
Every day there is a new one. Why? Its a very unatural rise. Sounds interesting!
I would be very careful with this category in future. Considering what they are capable of, you wouldn't want a naughty one on your PC. Could be the latest trend in scumware here.

By the way, my name is David B...

Good luck with your site!
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