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Yes, it is possible to write small Windows programs - but who cares?
If you do, have a look at these programs. They do not come with an installation program, and they do not make any entries in the Windows Registry. Just unzip the files to a program folder, and make a shortcut.

LittleViewer - is a free, simple and very small image viewer. The program is very compact, undemanding to system resources and very simple in use. You don't need to read any manuals to get started. LittleViewer won't put anything in the registry. For work it is not required any adjustments and any special libraries.
- Supported graphic formats: JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP.
- Two modes: normal image and thumbnail.
- Increases and decreases size of the image.
Supports drag & drop. You can use mouse to open the files.
Platform: Windows 98/NT/2000/XP.
Download (19 kB)

TheGun - Notepad replacement*
TheGun is written in 32 bit Microsoft Assembler (MASM) and is a genuine Portable Executable format file (6144 bytes!). It does not need any Visual C++ or Visual Basic runtime DLLs and does not use or write to the Registry at all. It is fully drag & drop enabled, supports wordwrap and uses the full operating system based search capacity with case 'sensitive', 'insensitive' and 'whole word' search. There is no limit set within TheGun any longer for the maximum file size, it will be limited by the amount of available memory and the final loading speed. It has been speed optimised in both file load and file save.
Download (16 kB)
* Notepad is a program under 50 kB on disk, and it's old. Anything over that size is definitely not a Notepad replacement.

Qm - The Quick Mailer
Qm is an extremely small, fast program for sending E-mail. Its size and flexibility make it ideal for those times you want to quickly send messages or files without starting a large E-mail suite.
Download (21 kB)

b2hedit - Ascii Hex editor & converter
This is a miniature hex editor with a difference, it has both ascii and binary file open and save. It opens a binary file as a HEX dump which can be edited and commented, saved as an ascii file or rewritten as a binary file. Ideal for editing file headers.
Download (16 kB)

PDFproducer is a nice little utility which converts plain text into PDF documents. The benefit of this program is that it does not require Acrobat to be installed on the system. It means that it does not uses any component of acrobat to produce PDF files. As it is freeware you don't have to pay anything(but thanks) for producing PDF documents. Produce PDF files without having Acrobat. You can now change the page size also. It offers 90, 180, 260 and 360 degrees of rotation. It also offers a choice of 3 fonts which you can use in your PDF documents. Not to mention 3 types of predefined paper sizes. These all features make PDFproducer a nice little tool for quick PDF production. Have fun creating PDF files!!!
Note: This program requires VB6 runtime files installed on the system.
Download (26 kB)

Runs hidden in the background until it detects any kind of change in a directory it has been told to monitor. When a change occurs (e.g. create, delete, modify a file) it visually alerts the user. Can be used, for example, to detect incoming information over a network or to detect tampering of files. Uses very little memory and practically no CPU time.
Download (16 kB)

RUNit - launchpad
RUNit is a simple but yet powerful launchpad for Win95/98/NT and above. RUNit gives you quick access to applications, documents, folders and shortcuts. Unlike many other launchpads RUNit doesn't occupy any space on your screen - you only see it when you actually use it.
Download (39 kB)

It's a tiny application that sits in your system tray and attempts to hide, or kill, those splash screens you get when an application is loading.
Download (32 kB)

It's a very ugly system hack that sits in your system tray and attempts to make windows that can't usually be resized, resizeable.
Download (42 kB)

Bubbles... is a screen saver. Certified to waste processor time whilst stopping phosphor burn. Mostly it's just a waste of time and something pretty to look at when you're meant to be working...
Download (20 kB)

LC ISO Creator
LC ISO Creator creates ISO files from CD/DVD-ROM.
Download (14 kB)

MinimizeAll minimizes all opened windows having its icon on taskbar.
Download (4 kB)

CloseWin close all opened programs having its icon on taskbar and whose window contain selected text.
Download (6 kB)

HTML Batch Editor
This is previous version of HTML Batch Editor. It's freeware now. Enjoy!
Download (13 kB)

MsgBox is a small utility for coders in the C language. With the MsgBox you can simply create the MessageBoxes in this language.
Download (7 kB)

Playlist is a small utility for creating playlists for Windows Media Player or any other player e.g. WinAmp.
Download (12 kB)

A Patcher is tool, which let you create a "patch" from two like files. It may be useful for developers, who distribute a new version of their software.
Download (24 kB)

CloseAll close all open programs which have its icon on taskbar.
Download (9 kB)

Read Only Zero
Read Only Zero is a small utility which zeroize "Read Only" attributes in selected directories. This is useful for example after copying files from CD-ROM.
Download (6 kB)

Shutdown (Windows 98,ME only) is a small utility which switch off your computer after test the CD-ROM(s) to containing medium. If so, program eject this CD. You cannot forget this CD in the computer now.
Download (10 kB)

Its Tic-Tac-Toe - do you know ?
Download (14 kB)

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