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Tired of being a victim of the browser wars? Do you get frustrated after spending long hours creating a webpage only to watch in horror when it doesn't look or function correctly in the "other" browser? The bottom line is that creating pages that will reach a vast majority of surfers, isn't easy. New browser versions pop up all the time, each supporting a different level of technology and no one seems to adhere to the W3C standards. Should you have to sacrifice your content to reach your audience? We don't think so!!
<blink> is a professional HTML editor for visually designing and managing Web sites and pages. Whether you hand-code HTML or prefer to work in a WYSIWYG visual editing environment, <blink> makes it easy to get started and provides helpful tools to enhance your Web design and development experience.
Unlike similar products that simply spit out html, <blink> contains a rules engine that allows you to develop for specific browser types or doctypes (DTDs).  The rule engine then proactively gives you warnings on compatibility issues as you develop instead of after the fact like html validators.

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