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Title  WYSIWYG Web Editor Size  621 kB Win  2000/XP/Vista/7
Freelabs web editor software is designed for webpage development and it has features like syntax highlighting, TABLE construct, alignment etc. This html editor also has all the fundamental editor functionalities like: Cut, Copy, Paste, File Open, Save etc.
Freelabs Html-Editor allows you to create your own web pages without having to learn complex scripting languages. Freelabs Html-Editor has WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface that makes editing pages as easy as using your favorite word processor. Webmasters and other advanced users can hand code HTML using the built in color highlighted source editor, while HTML wizards are available to make web design faster and easier.
There are lot of features and useful options that might help you while creating your webpage.
Freelabs web editor 's features include:
- All standard editor functions
- Intuitive Interface
- Imports pages compatible with today's browsers
- Absolute positioning of HTML elements
- Drag & drop interface
- Support for current Internet technologies
- Imports all major image formats including PNG and JPEG
- Syntax highlighting for HTML
- Assistants for tables, forms, links, images, color
- Shortcuts for commonly used tags (bold, italic, underline, paragraph, center)
- Easy to use, customizable interface
- Support for multiple documents.
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