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Title  Selida Size  2790 kB Win  98/NT/2000/Me/XP
Selida is an HTML editor, a program that you make web pages with. There are thousands of HTML editors on the web, some are free and some are shareware. Selida packs high end features in a very intuitive interface, and has the best price of them all: It's free!
Selida does not require you to buy an expensive "special edition" of the program, and you don't have to register it. Selida is a very advanced editor; in fact there are users that tell us that Selida is better than Dreamweaver.
A feature list doesn't say much about a program, but we have made one we also, but it isn't this list that is important to say how good the program is, it is the quality of the features. All the features are intuitive and well tested, so you don't have to read through the help files fifty times before you understand how to use it.
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