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Title  DFM2HTML Size  4.1/4.5 MB Win  32/64-bit
DFM2HTML is an easy to use WYSIWYG HTML editor. Sophisticated web sites can be composed within minutes using drag&drop and the nesting feature unique to DFM2HTML. With effects like shadow, anti-aliasing, rotation and rounded corners, you don't need an image editor to create professional looking web sites. You can publish your site with the build-in FTP Upload manager in an instant. DFM2HTML comes with many templates and a wide range of mouse-over buttons. HTML forms and HTML frames can be easily created in a WYSIWYG way. The stylesheet mechanism allows a systematic page design. You can create web pages in any language with the new Unicode feature.
- stylesheet-based design
- manage many HTML pages in one document
- graphical effects (e.g. anti-aliasing, shadow, glow, rounded corners)
- HTML forms
- generates compact HTML code
- Unicode
- DHTML menu.
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