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NFOpad is a small, fast and flexible combined nfo viewer and text editor. It is a clone of Microsoft's Notepad but with extra settings, and support for nfo files. The file extension is used to determine whether to use an ANSI or ASCII font. NFOpad also fully supports Unicode.

Notepad Pro+
Notepad Pro+ is a light and efficient text editor. It features a clean design, with tabbed file opening and customizable look and feel. It will remember the last files opened, optional syntax highlighting for coders, multilevel undo/redo, word count, and many other useful features.

ORIENT is a text editor for the Microsoft Windows operating system designed to work in Unicode and to handle Unicode files.

ATPad is a simple Notepad replacement written in pure C and Windows API.

A powerful editor and notepad replacement TotalEdit makes it easier to complete your file editing and software development tasks.

My Secure Notepad
Very tiny (40KB using LVCL) secure notepad: it's a Safe/StrongBox/Coffer notepad and file cipher utility.

BabelPad is a Unicode text editor for Windows that supports the proper rendering of most complex scripts, and allows you to assign different fonts to different scripts in order to facilitate multi-script text editing.

Text Merge
This friendly interface utility program gives the user the ability to easily merge selected text files into a single file. Features include:
- The ability to control header information from the merging text files
- The ability to control line spacing between merging text files.

Text Split
This friendly interface utility program gives the user the ability to easily split a selected text file into any number of text files. Features include:
- The ability to control header information
- The ability to split by file size
- The ability to split by number of lines.

Golden Pen
Golden Pen is powerful and easy to use text editor for programmers with highlighting syntax. Golden Pen -- a fabulous programmer's editor for both binary and ASCII files. The author advises that changes in this version include: added ADSP Assembler support, SmartCode (your own hot keys to fast code building), Big and Small buttons in tool bar, LOCALE SETTINGS (now you can create your own locale settings) and Cursor movement history; Clipboard viewer and manager; minor bug fixes; and more powerful install/uninstall.
Screenshot | Local Download (594 kB)

Quick Editor
Miniature programming editor (37k). A gimmick free low resource demand tool with a minimum memory footprint that will run on a 486 inVGA 16 Colour. Ideally suited for low resolution laptops that do not support graphics intensive resource hungry applications yet very fast on late model hardware. A single instance editor with multiple document handling capacity. It is genuinely fast to use and is designed for fast code production. Quick Editor is the default editor for the MASM32 project.

Q10 is a simple but powerful text editor designed and built with writers in mind.
- Full-screen - Focus on your work. Even if Mark Pilgrim doesn't like full-screen editors, some of us do.
- Live text statistics - Word, page and character counts are updated live as you type.
- Programmable page count formula - Specify what formula to use for page count calculation. You’re not constrained to the 250 words per page rule anymore.
- Customizable look and paragraph format - Change the colors, line spacing, first line indent, paragraph spacing, font...
- Perfectly portable - A single self-contained executable file. That’s all. Easy to use with a pendrive, so you can carry your writing environment with you everywhere. Q10 will remember the last file you worked on, even if the drive letter assigned to your pendrive changes from computer to computer.
- Easy to use timer alarm - Perfect for timed writing sessions and word wars. When the time is over, it will tell you how many words you wrote in that period.
- Spell checker - You don't make mistakes. I know it. You know it. But many people do, and Q10 lets them check their spelling.
- Notes - Any paragraph starting with '..' is considered a note. You can get a list of all notes in the current document and jump instantly to any of them.
- Target count - Displays completed percentage. You can choose units: words, pages, lines, paragraphs or characters. If NaNoWriMo is your thing, this is for you.
- Partial counts - Keep track of the extension of current chapter or see how much content you've produced in the current writing session. You're free to use partial counts as you like: up to four counters with customizable labels and units: words, pages, lines, paragraphs or characters.
- Autocorrections and quick text - Unlimited autocorrection entries to fix on the fly those persistent typing errors. Unlimited quick texts list for frequently used words or phrases, like character names, places, etc.
- Standard and clean text format - You will be able to open your work with any text editor or word processor.
- Encoding and line endings agnostic - Reads and writes ANSI and UTF-8 texts, and line endings formats are not a problem for Q10.
- Typing sound effects - Get that typewriter feeling again. For the trivia lovers among you, the typing sounds were taken from the movie 'Amélie'.
- Small, fast and stable - Less than 360Kb in size, you don't need huge frameworks or runtimes to use this beauty.
- Autosaving - You can ask Q10 to save your work after some number of new paragraphs, or after some time has elapsed. If you're really paranoid, set Q10 to save every paragraph.

Emunge is a very simple program designed to take a piece of text from the clipboard or entered into the program's left window pane and perform a series of regular expression search and replace operations, producing the output text in the other window pane.
The program was created primarily for the processing of spam emails that are intended to be sent to an ISP's abuse desk or to be published in some public forum, but it could be used for any number of other associated tasks. Whilst most ISP abuse departments can be trusted not to harvest or otherwise misuse any identifying items contained within the submitted email, some are not so trustworthy. In addition, if you wanted to post the spam sample in a newsgroup for example, you probably wouldn't want your email address or any other recognizable information showing. Hence, this program can be used to remove or 'munge' words in the email to prevent further leakage of personally identifiable data.

Text Mining Tool
Text Mining Tool is a freeware program for extraction of text from files of the next types: pdf, doc, rtf, chm, html without need to have installed any other programs like Word, Arcrobat, etc.
Its comfortable and easy usage is defined by the following key features:
- No payment or license restrictions. Tool is absolutely free.
- Mines text from PDF, DOC, RTF, CHM, HTML files.
- User-friendly interface with hotkeys available.
- Console tool minetext is included.

OpenEditor is a free (licensed under the GNU GPL) text editor for developers (particularly for oracle developers and DBAs). I hope It is really powerful, very easy and intuitive to use. It can be built using MS VC6/7. It should work on Win32. It's developed for SQLTools needs but it can be useful as a standalone editor.

Textractor is a text monitor for Windows XP/2000/NT. It captures and logs all text a program writes to the screen. Some programs write information so fast that your eye can't read it. Many programs write lots of text without supporting the Windows clipboard. Textractor gives you the chance to capture all text an applications outputs without having to retype it or using an OCR program. Textractor also works with console applications.

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