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TextGrabber copies the textual information out of windows that are notoriously difficult or impossible to copy (such as Explorer windows and tree controls). It will extract the text from list controls, tree controls, combo boxes, edit controls, listboxes, status bars, headers, and tab controls, and a few other window types.
Local Download (62 kB)

Do you face the problem of having to type the same phrases over and over again?
EasyTxt is a program that help you to save time in typing commonly used phrases. It allows you to store and organize commonly used phrases and retrieving them in the form of a menu using a shortcut key. The menu can be selected using the mouse or shortcut key, allowing friendlier access without the need to move away from the keyboard. It does not use the clipboard so you can still copy and paste text the usual way. Macros can be used in the stored text simulate the pressing of various keys such as Enter and arrow keys.
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Have you ever copied some text from a web page or a document and then wanted to paste it as simple text into another application without getting all the formatting from the original source? PureText makes this simple by adding a new Windows hot-key (default is WINDOWS+V) that allows you to paste text to any application without formatting.
After running PureText.exe, you will see a 'PT' tray icon appear near the clock on your task bar. You can click on this icon to remove formatting from the text that is currently on the clipboard. You can right-click on the icon to display a menu with more options.
The easiest way to use PureText is to simply use its hot-key to paste text instead of using the standard CTRL+V hot-key that is built into most Windows applications. To configure PureText, right-click on its tray icon and choose "Options" from the pop-up menu. The default hot-key is WINDOWS+V, but this can be changed. In this Options window, you can also configure PureText to run each time you log into Windows.

ListSorter is a simple utility for sorting lists into alphabetical order. It supports lists of any size and the data seperators are user configurable.

TabPad is yet another Notepad clone - except with tabs. TabPad was designed to look almost identical to Notepad, with the same features and functionability (plus more), except to also incorporate tabs. TabPad is fast, efficient and well written, and supports opening dozens (if not more) of tabs for text files. You can make it your default editor if you please, TabPad supports files being opened by Explorer, or you can simply use it standalone. Drag and drop support is also included (that includes batch drag and drop, meaning multiple files). As of Version 1.90, TabPad includes autorecovery, allowing you to salvage anything you were working on in the event of a program/system error or power outage [There is no gurantee you will not lose data]. I've also incorporated an "ASP Tools" toolbar, allowing you to quickly access all the files an ASP page "includes", or search through them automatically.

A Windows version of the venerable Unix/Linux vi text editor.

TextMorph is a FREE powerful ASCII text formatter. It is also a text editor, similar to Notepad. There are lots of text editing programs around, but TextMorph has a number of things that set it apart. TextMorph has a number of 'tools' that you can apply to the text, such as converting from text to HTML and vice versa, cleaning up emails (removing all those '>' signs and so forth), search and replace by words OR multiple paragraphs, changing upper/lower case, etc. - all with the click of a mouse! You can also create your own custom tools that utilize the pre-set tools. Plus, with the Multiple File Morph wizard, you can apply tools to a large group of files at one time, without having to open and edit each file. This makes TextMorph an ideal program for people who work with large numbers of text files or archives of HTML or text content, as it can quickly and easily apply formatting to all files.

DIZzy displays DIZ, NFO and other confusing, ASCII-extended text files in a pleasing graphic format. It supports drag-and-drop, file associations and command line. DIZzy is an amazingly small, self-contained, flexible and free program.

TheGun is written in 32 bit Microsoft Assembler (MASM) and is a genuine Portable Executable format file (6144 bytes!). It does not need any Visual C++ or Visual Basic runtime DLLs and does not use or write to the Registry at all. It is fully drag & drop enabled, supports wordwrap and uses the full operating system based search capacity with case 'sensitive', 'insensitive' and 'whole word' search. There is no limit set within TheGun any longer for the maximum file size, it will be limited by the amount of available memory and the final loading speed. It has been speed optimised in both file load and file save.

Win32Pad is a feature filled text editor that is written with a programmer in mind. It's main purpose is to provide enough functionality that is missing from notepad without sacrificing file size and performance.

Textbox 2.3.1 (last freeware version).
The goal of textbox was to be a windows version of the DOS editor - a combination of Notepad and EDIT. Along the way, a lot of interesting and useful features were added that were present in neither.

TxEdit 3.2 (last? freeware version) is an easy-to-use text editor that makes a nice replacement for the MS Windows Notepad. Multiple documents can be edited using this MDI editor. Search and replace options are included. Text files of up to 2.5 MB can be edited and printed.

CNotePad features all of Notepad's basic functionality along with a toolbar, search-replace, a spell checker and a multiple document interface that lets you open several files at once. However, it doesn't open files larger than 64 kB.
Local Download (1148 kB)

I wrote this ebook reading software to provide a 'paper book' experience on the computer screen: For a start, you get two pages side-by-side instead of just one page in the middle of the screen. (Although I have just added a single-page mode which should suit tablet PCs in portrait mode) Next, the pages turn when you click them, just like a real book. Finally, you can also select a textured background to make the pages look like real paper. yBook will read html files, text files, rtf files and pdb/prc files (Palm document format).

exe-eBook Creator
exe-eBook creator is a freeware ebook compiler for TreePad files. It enables you to create a stand-alone eBook from a TreePad file with just a few mouse clicks. This stand-alone eBook is a single "exe-file" containing the TreePad database as well as the TreePad Viewer program. The advantage of an exe-eBook is that it can be distributed royalty-free as a single file, since both data and viewer program are contained inside the program. Furthermore, a TreePad exe-eBook runs directly without installing anything! exe-eBook creator can also compile password protected and encrypted TreePad files as exe-eBook. Additionally: exe-eBooks contain a search engine, an options screen, zoom function 10% - 1000%, history back/forward, etc. An exe-eBook can contain plain text articles, formatted articles, images, tree node icons, hyperlinks.

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