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Title  TotalEdit Size  7.9 MB Win  XP/Vista/7
A powerful editor and notepad replacement TotalEdit makes it easier to complete your file editing and software development tasks.
TotalEdit is free for commercial and non-commercial purposes.
TotalEdit delivers a broad range of features and tools and it can be configured to work the way you want to. Language-Specific Syntax Coloring, Fully customizable environment, file explorer, external tool integration (E.g. Java, command line, Web browser) and a built-in spell checker are just a handful of the features available in TotalEdit.
- File Editing and Tools
- Built-in Tool & Explorers
- Project Explorer
- Customization & Configuration
- Search & Replace
- Macros
- Printing & Preview
- Backup & Version Comparison
- Formatting
- Spell Checker
- Additional Features
- USB Memory Key Support
- Syntax Color Formatting
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