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Notepad Pro+ is a light and efficient text editor. It features a clean design, with tabbed file opening and customizable look and feel. It will remember the last files opened, optional syntax highlighting for coders, multilevel undo/redo, word count, and many other useful features.
Main features:
- Large text buffer: Notepad Pro+ features a text editor which can handle files of up to 2GB.
- Customizable look: Here you can see some of the ways Notepad Pro+ can be customized. You can add or remove features to your preference.
- Tabbed opening: If you are working on a few files at once, rather than opening many Notepad Pro+ instances, you can open all the files in seperate tabs inside one instance of Notepad Pro+. Tabs can be dragged to reorder.
- Change tab style, and position.
- Word count and character count.
- All the standards, but with more: Find, find next, find pervious, replace text occurances. All under the edit menu.
- Unlimited Undo / Redo - This is set at 1024 undo/redo levels by default. If you require more, there's an option for it.
- Status bar shows current open file size, line count, character count and caps lock / insert modes.
- Keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys for opening new tabs, closing tabs, opening files / saving files and just about everything else.
- Gutter with bookmarks. Ctrl+Shift and a number sets the bookmark in the gutter. Ctrl+That Number, jumps you straight to that part of the page with the bookmark.
- Enhanced printing system - Print text files with a customizable header and footer and margin, with extended print preview system. Print syntax highlighting for coders.
- Associate text files with Notepad Pro+ - to open automatically with Notepad Pro+ when clicked rather than Notepad. It is recommended you update your text file icons with the Notepad Pro+ icons. Associate any file extension with Notepad Pro+
- Syntax highlighting
- Drag and drop files: You can drag and drop files into the Notepad Pro+ editor, which will then open that file.
- Drag text about: You can highlight a section of text in the Notepad Pro+ editor, and drag it to another location.
- Reopen last opened files with time and date.
- Option to add Notepad Pro+ to your start menu, at the top, in the programs, or both.
- Unique Notepad Pro+ 'stripped mode'. If you want a minimalist look, take a look at this.
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