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CurrProcess utility displays the list of all processes currently running on your system.

WTY-DumpConfigData dumps the systems configuration data into a HTML file. The data is not processed except for sorting and determining the hardware hierarchy. The programs output is useful for advanced user only since it may require interpretation. It most useful purpose is finding the source of cryptic low-level error messages containing hardware ids.

WTY-BatInfo is a battery monitor program intended for laptops. It uses clear, easy to distinct icons to represent the current battery level. This program can also show display other information about the battery like the dead zone (battery wear), manufacturer and more. The statistics screen also shows data like the pole voltage which can be useful to diagnose battery problems.

WTY-ProcMan is a simple process viewer. Using WMI technology it can be used get detailed process information and kill processes which can often not be killed with the standard process viewer.

System Lock
System Lock allows you to lock your desktop so that no other users may use your computer. Windows NT/2000 already comes with this capability, but what about Windows 98 & ME?
System Lock contains numerous Options for security and appearance. It also has a unique protection system in that, if your computer is restarted or a power failure causes your machine to reboot, System Lock will automatically lock the system on restarting, so that you computer will remain locked. This option is of course only an option, and every user may not need this option.
Upon System Lock Launching it will automatically minimize into the System Tray, ready for activation. If you simply double click on the icon, it will lock the system for you. Right clicking on it will bring up a context menu allowing you to open the prefrences Dialog, or Unload it from memory.
If you add the paramater '/QUICKLOCK' without the quotes to the end of your shortcut, System Lock will lock straight away and when the correct password is entered it will unload itself from memory.

Ever wanted the ability to hide Outlook Express or to minimize it to the sytem tray?
Now you can! Hide Outlook Express creates a Tray Icon, and allows you to show and hide Outlook Express by clicking the icon. It can also be set to hide Outlook Express when you minimize it.

Ever wanted the ability to hide Outlook or to minimize it to the sytem tray?
Now you can! HideOutlook creates a Tray Icon, and allows you to show and hide Outlook by clicking the icon. It can also be set to hide Outlook when you minimize it.

DTaskManager is, obviously, a Task-Manager (stand-alone) specifically engineered to give additional functionalities that the Windows bundled TaskManager (and other third party product) does not have:
1. Three different way to close a process, as the "termination request", the "forced termination" and the "forced termination" of any type of process bypassing all permissions (it can terminate also system processes).
2. It allows to suspend and reactivate a process (as in Linux), useful, for example, to temporarily suspend a task that use system resources but you don't want to terminate (as a DivX coding process).
3. It allows to select more than one process at a time to terminate all of them.
4. It does not need any useless confirm.

XOSL 1.1.5 (last freeware version).
Extended Operating System Loader (XOSL) is the world's only full-featured free boot manager, with a real, easy-to-use and full-blown graphical user interface.

Ram Idle
Ram Idle 4.5 (last freeware version) is a memory management program that is designed for Windows. With an easy to use interface, RAM Idle enables your applications to load faster and more responsively by making more physical memory available for the system. Use it to free up a selected amount of physical memory when the minimum level is reached. You can also use it to free up a selected amount of physical memory at a regular interval, and free up the physical memory manually as needed. When you run RAM Idle for the first time, it will find and define the recommended levels for your system. However you may need to define these manually to find the best combination that will give you the best performance for your system. The program includes various additional features, such as the ability to display free memory in the try icon, show the percentage of free RAM and page file, automatically start with Windows, and ability to free up amount of RAM manually from the popup menu.

PowerClick is a small free utility that provides you with fast access to all commonly used power management features available in Windows. Those are shutdown, restart, standby, hibernate, log off and station lock (Windows 2000/XP only). Additionally it can disable Windows screen saver and power saving features when they are not desirable.

- is a System-Check-Tool, continuously checking auto-run-entries, BHO's, etc. You can deactivate or delete the entries, this way you can detect or get rid of viruses, trojans, hi-jackers ...
- is an Auto-Maximize-Windows-Tool, no more annoying small windows forgetting their maximized status. You can easily select the applications you want to be opened maximized, for instance word, notepad, explorer
- is an Auto-Close-Windows-Tool, a very useful addition to any Browser and Blocker, because now you can auto-close ALL windows, for instance annoying Dialogwindows, Appletwindows, Systemwindows ...
- is an Open/Save-Dialog-Box-Manager, no more annoying small list mode Open/Save-Dialog-Boxes, You can set default window-sizes and Details-View.
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