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Many users are not absolutely satisfied by quality of work of operating systems. Discontent principal causes as a rule is the following.
Speed of work. Slow speed of work of an operating system irritates very many. Besides if to spend calculation of time spent for nothing it is possible to come to interesting conclusions. It is known that at performance of standard operations (loading and turn off system; start, closing of applications etc.) many users spend on the average for nothing about one minute a day. It means that in a year 6 hours and for all life - approximately 'are burnt' 20 days!
Space occupied by system on a disk. Sometimes parts of an operating system unnecessary for the concrete user do not allow to write down on a full disk something useful.
Garbage. Eventually the operating system for the various reasons creates so-called 'junk' files which quantity steadily increases. As they do not bring advantage and on the contrary worsen speed and system work as a whole take a place on a disk insistently it is recommended to get rid of this garbage periodically.
Security. Than more a operating system of possibilities (services, applications etc.) has more and problems from the point of view of safety. It besides that for many users a part of possibilities are useless. Also it is necessary to remember that in the course of operating system writes and saves the information on operations of a user (visited addresses in networks, opened documents, files 'Cookie' etc.) which is necessary for deleting in due time.
Energy efficiency. Influences not only your material inputs and term of independent work of mobile devices, but also on environment. Frequently the most considerable influence on environment which renders the computer is consumed by it for service life energy. And that how much the computer effectively consumes energy depends on an operating system much.

Some users try to correct operating system lacks others address to experts. But in any case it demands special knowledge, time, and sometimes material inputs. For the fast and easy decision of all above the listed problems we have created for you program Red Button.
Red Button is a free program for Windows optimization. By means of program Red Button you can reduce space occupied by system on a disk; to switch off and remove unnecessary, disturbing to work components; to increase speed of loading, work, turn off of system; in time to clean 'junk' files; to raise safety and convenience of system; to reduce degree of influence on environment; to lower system charges.
The program has surprisingly simple, convenient, and graceful interface. For introduction of the selected changes it is enough to you to make just one click.
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