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Title  Net-probe Size  7.7 MB Win  2000/XP/2003/Vista
Real-time networked device and network monitoring, integrating graphs, alarms, GPS tracking, notifications (send email or SMS etc) and actions (service restart etc) onto a rich graphical representation available through a web browser as well as a dedicated application. Wizard Based, including start-up wizard used to scan and draw a network in a few easy steps. Extreme flexibility allows alarm components to be extended by the end user to facilitate the monitoring of any networked device, even the actions can be extended by the user to perform whatever task is required on an alarm state change. Drawing elements have been kept as simple as possible enabling for simple, quick and neat representations of the monitored environment to be setup. Optional task bar band and alerter components extend the interface onto the desktop. Devices with a GPS attached can have their location tracked and recorded on a map background.
Limitations: The Standard Version of Net-Probe is offered Free of Charge. This version allows eight devices to be monitored.
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