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This utility can copy any number of bytes from one file into a new one. Useful if you want to extract sound or data from a location within a file.
- Handles files as large as your hard drive.
- Fast.
- Allows you to enter the start position and length in decimal and hexadecimal values.
- Fast track buttons to move to start or end of a file.
- Command-line parameters.
- Contains a hex viewer so you can select start and finish positions from the viewer.
- Hex viewer can display files up to 2GB in size.
- Search for text in the hex viewer.
- Remembers where you last positioned the application window.
- Memorize the last source and/or destination file.
- Memorize the file paths.
- Customize the selectable file types.
- Customize the background color.
- Drag and drop source file from Explorer.
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