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Title  Kulak Commander Size  151 kB Win  9x/NT/2000/XP
Kulak Commander (KC) is win32 text mode (console) commander for Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP. KC is a clone of the well-known Norton Commander by Symantec. It is no 100% exact clone of this tool. KC adds man new features and special keyboard shortcuts which allow user to navigate as far as possible.
- file manager
- UNC support
- ftp support
- editor with syntax highlighting support
- hex editor
- very simple reminder for those who don't like outlook
- all keys are Norton (Volkov) Commander compatible
- archives support (zip, rar, ace, gzip, bzip, tar)
- keyboard customization support
SPECIALITIES (why to try it):
- everything is optimized for fast navigation
- it is open source so you can adjust or improve it if you want
- no instalation procedure, only one exe file which you can copy to you maintanance floppy disk
- all good ideas are usualy very quckly implemented (if they are not too complicated)
NASTY THINGS (why don't try it):
- KC doesn't support mouse (and never will)
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