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Title  Disk Bench Size  153 kB Win  2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
How fast are my disks really. In a real life situation.
Not in a synthetic benchmarking program that will display figures that I will never be able to meet.
The program is using the current filesystem to save a file. If it is fragmented, the performance will be degraded, as it is in real life.
So, to figure out how fast your computer is, you can copy a file from A to B and use a stop watch.
Or you could just as easy use this program.
All it does is:
1) copies a file from A to B, times the time it took, and deletes the file from B again.
- or -
2) The other way to benchmark is to choose Create File. This way it just creates a file (consisting of a repeated 128 byte string). So if you only have one harddisk, this is the optimal test for you.
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