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TimeZone 2.1 (last freeware version)
The purpose of this program is to provide the user with a utility to find the local time in locations throughout the world.
Upon starting the program a window will pop up showing the local time in four locations.
There is also a Exit button and a Edit button displayed. The Exit button should be used to exit the program since it saves any changes made in editing. The Edit button takes you to a new window which allows you to make changes in the following areas:
1. By use of the Scroll bar in the Location List a location can be selected with the mouse and placed in any one of five text box locations. The text box labled Reference Time Zone should be set to the location your PC is being used at.
2. Each location can be set to display in Daylight Savings time or not Daylight Savings (Standard) time.
3. Each location can be selected to display the time in either 24 hour or 12 hour AM/PM format.
4. The text box labled New Location shows the latest selection from the Location List. It can also be used to manually enter a new location not shown on the list. Make sure that a time zone is also entered (Location Name, +/- Time Zone).
5. The Location List can also be edited using an ASCII Text editor. Make sure that your editor is a plain text editor such as Notepad that comes with Windows. The file to be edited is the file named timezone.dat. The files being added can be inserted any where in the file since the program when run sorts the Location List.
6. There is also a file named timezone.ini which should never be manually modified, the progam handles file completly.
When all the changes are made exit the Edit mode by selecting OK and then select the Exit button on the main display window, any changes made will be saved.
The file, can be unzipped in any directory of your choice and run by executing the file timezone.exe. Since this program was written in Microsoft's Visual Basic 5.0 a DLL file, msvbvm50.dll, is required to run this program.
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