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Title  DelDub Size  66 kB Win  98/NT/2000/XP
DelDub is a program that reports and/or removes copies of files.
DelDub is an easy to use program that searches for files that have multiple copies. It uses an ini-file to save your preferences. When the ini-file is ready all that is needed is to press the go-button.
The user can add a number of 'Roots'. Each Root has a name and a directory. The name is used in the report. In the directory and it's subdirectories the program will look for multiple copies. The search process is repeated for each Root separately.
Roots can be added, edited en deleted with the appropriate buttons. To add or edit a Root a separate 'root screen' comes up. It is also possible to disable a Root by unchecking it's checkbox.
The following actions may be choosen: Report, Statistics and Remove.
- Report creates a report with the copies.
- Statistics puts number of files and bytes on the report.
- Remove actualy removes the doubles.
The checkboxes Hidden and System can be used to include or exclude hidden files and system files.
When the go-button is pressed a separate process is started for each Root. A Root who's process still runs has a little circle in front of it's checkbox. When the process ends the circle disapears.
If Report is checked and the go-button is pressed then for each Root a Report is made and a link is added to the Log Report.
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