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Free BASIC Compilers & Interpreters
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Jabaco is a simple programming language with a Visual Basic like syntax. Jabaco enables you to create powerful software for all Java supported operating systems.
Jabaco is:
A BASIC compiler:
You write sourcecode similar to VB6 and with Jabaco you can compile it to bytecode which is similar to the output of the Java programing language.
An integrated development environment (IDE):
Autocompletion, code highlighting, object browsing, a GUI editor and other modern IDE-stuff will support you in your tasks.
A debugger:
Start the project, step through your sourcelines, readout your vars, fix some bugs and continue the session without a restart.
An idea to do something different:
Jabaco must be much more than that to exist. It needs a lively framework and an active community - it is on you to decide.
Limitations: Free registration required.

Fnx Basic
FNXBasic is a programming language to create Windows applications. The package contains a compiler and an editor to edit your basic code. You can use many windows components like comboboxes, listboxes,forms etc into your program. The type of the language is a legacy of the old basic, expanded with windows objects and uses OOP (object orientated programming). It is also possible to write console applications. The basic source code will be compiled to one single executable file from about 400 kilobytes. FNXBasic is completely free and contains no malware and no spyware (it has taken a lot of time to develop it) The use is at your own risk. The basic language allows you to create programs in an easy and fast way......

RapidQ is a freeware Basic compiler for Windows/Linux/Unix operating system. It may be the easiest way to create Windows applications, both for console and GUI. When creating console applications, you can use the traditional Basic syntax. Just like with other Basics, you can create a simple program with just one line of code. Windows GUI applications can be created with a simple and easy to use syntax, in object oriented fashion. There is a simple graphical QUI designer, too, to help developing the user interface. RapidQ generates stand-alone exe programs, no runtime DLL's needed. However, the generated code is run on bytecode interpreter, so it is not very fast (altough faster than a Basic interpreter).

Just BASIC is a free personal Windows programming tool and tutorial. Great for light programming and teaching or learning programming. Create your own utilities, games, business apps and more. Includes a syntax coloring editor, a debugger, and a customizable GUI editor. Large online community. Produces standalone applications.

AutoIt v3 is an opensource BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI. It uses a combination of simulated keystrokes, mouse movement and window/control manipulation in order to automate tasks in a way not possible or reliable with other languages (e.g. VBScript and SendKeys). AutoIt was initially designed for PC 'roll out' situations to configure thousands of PCs, but with the arrival of v3 it is also well suited to performing home automation and the scripting of repetitive tasks.

FreeBASIC is a self-hosting compiler which makes use of the GNU binutils programming tools as backends and can produce console, graphical/GUI executables, dynamic and static libraries. FreeBASIC fully supports the use of C libraries and has partial C++ library support. This lets programmers use and create libraries for C and many other languages. It supports a C style preprocessor, capable of multiline macros, conditional compiling and file inclusion.

wxBasic is a BASIC interpreter licensed under the GNU LGPL that runs on Windows and Linux. wxBasic code 'looks a lot like QBasic'.

SmallBASIC is a fast and easy to learn BASIC language interpreter ideal for everyday calculations, scripts and prototypes. SmallBASIC includes trigonometric, matrices and algebra functions, a built in IDE, a powerful string library, system, sound, and graphic commands along with structured programming syntax.

This is a free BASIC compiler, integrated development environment, and debugger that runs on Windows 95/98 and NT, as well as Linux. You can actually write graphics and GUI programs that can be compiled by both the Windows and Linux versions without change your source code!

Chipmunk Basic
Chipmunk Basic is a fast and reliable cross-platform interpreter for the Basic Programming Language. Chipmunk Basic presents a vintage traditional command-line console programming environment, and supports a very simple old-fashioned and easy-to-learn Basic Programming Language syntax (But line numbers are not required in Basic programs written using an external editor.) The Chipmunk Basic language also supports a few more advanced extensions. Free for educational and personal use.

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