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Title  iPodME Size  3.9 MB Win  XP/Vista/7
iPod Media Encoder converts video into an iPod-compatible format, the easy way.
The profiles should be easy enough to figure, keeping in mind that slower encoding also means better video quality.
The new video files are created by default in the same folder as iPodME.
- small (4 Mb), no setup, only 1 exe to put where you want, no codecs needed
- based on ffmpeg
- really easy to use and straighforward
- easy batch encoding, just select multiple files by clicking on the 'add files' button or drag'n drop them into the list
- you can add new files to the batch during encoding
- run in background without disturbing your work (with the defaut priority option)
- 6 profiles adapted to most usage : 3 encoding speed, each optimized for file size or video quality
- possibility to customize the encoding options
- support soft-subtitles, and multiple subtitles per video
- support multiple CPU cores automatically
- can shutdown your computer after encoding.
Note: You must have the .Net framework (2.0+) installed to run it.
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