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MeD's Movie Manager
MeD's Movie Manager is a simple to use, yet customizable, movie manager. It gets the movies info from IMDb, and episode info from
- Unlimited size movie list
- Add, Edit, Delete database functions
- Episode functionality for series
- Quick movie filter
- Advanced search options
- List functionality
- Multi-add function (Search directories for files)
- Obtain AVI / OGM / MPEG and DVD (ifo) file info
- Automatic download of movie info from IMDb (Proxy support)
- Automatic download of episode info from (Proxy support)
- Import function (3 modes - Simple text, excel and extreme movie manager database
- Export to HTML (2 modes - full and simple)
- Customizable movie additional info
- Customizable database queries for statistics
- GIF, PNG and JPG cover support
- Changeable layout (Look And Feels).

DVD Slideshow GUI
Produce and author DVD slideshows!
Animate images. Add music. Add avi's. Rescale image size. Add background Add music. Add texts. Add borders. Add textbox. Set exposition time. Set transition time. Choose between 140 transitions. Export the slideshow to many fileformats including a ready to burn DVD-image and Avi. Code your own avisynth transitions or make your own jpg transitions.

s7Raw is a top tool for your work with photos in the raw-format. s7Raw can be used to change pictures from 8 to 16 bit PSD, TIFF or JPEG formats. Also different editing options are included as well. Use s7Raw for rotating and enhancing your digital pictures (brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, sharpening). Also it's possible to use this freeware for mass editing of complete image collections using the included batch functions.

JeniuS is an universal file organizer and is the main element in the JeniuS programs suite.
It let you organize your files in macro categories (audio, video, images...) and micro categories (author, genre, album, movie, photo, icon...).
Files can be inserted into user-defined albums (i.e.: a music files collection) or into automatically generated ones. For every album you can specify the artist's name, a short description, an image (i.e.: the CD cover or the movie poster), the year and the gender.
Every file inserted in JeniuS will be deeply analyzed and the most important information will be extracted: if it is a mp3 JeniuS will read id3 tags and will detect the bitrate, frequency, length..., if it is a video JeniuS will detect the codec, dimensions, number of frames per second... These information are stored in JeniuS' library and are used to catalog the file in the categories it fits best and to be able to find it easily in a second time.
There are several ways to find again a file stored in the library: for example, considering an audio file, you can select an album, the artist or the genre; show all audio files and then filter results; perform a basic or advanced search combining more search parameters; open the folder where the file is physically stored in.
Selecting one or more files all the information detected and inserted by the user are shown. Clicking on a few of them are displayed all the files that have the same info.
It is possible to rate (from corrupt to +5) and express a comment on every file. Ratings let JeniuS to generate an automatic playlist according to users' tastes in fact of music, letting him listening for example only the music he likes most.
Files not yet opened are displayed with a different color: this is very useful to know which files are to be seen/listened.
Highly configurable and with a nice user interface, JeniuS is a file organizer suitable for all file formats with various optimizations and special functions for multimedia files.

You can use Cinematheca to maintain your own movie collection and also view the list of movies in your friends' collections. It is easy to see if your friend has a new movie and ask him or her to let you see it. You can view your friends' collections even when they are offline. The software allows you to rate movies and share these ratings with your friends, search your collection and your friends' collections, and group movies into virtual folders.

An extremly small, very fast and easy to use media cataloging tool. You can use it to index files stored on removable media (CD-ROMs, LS120, Iomega Zip and Jaz disks, or even diskettes), hard disks or net drives, and create searchable catalogs that can be used without having access to original media. Searching capabilities are based on file name, date and size. Additional features include filtering options, search duplicates or singles, customizable date format, etc. Found files can be opened (executed) or deleted directly, if they are present. Drag&drop support. Directory trees, MP3 album/song lists can be printed, disk space usage can be investigated. Single file executable, no install needed.

Cinema Premiere Movie Manager
Cinema Premiere is a one of a kind web based movie manager that allows you to organize, search, sort and play your collection of movies in all types of formats from DVD to DivX. is the first online movie manager of its kind with its full range of features comparable to the best stand alone movie managers. Access your movie manager from any PC with an internet connection and playback movie files on your local PC or any PC on your network. Add your movies quickly and easily by scanning your hard drive for movie files, scanning DVD and VHS UPC numbers using a barcode scanner, or by entering the UPC numbers or titles manually. Add movies and import movie information from The Internet Movie Database or one movie at a time or multiple movies at a time. Search and sort on numerous types of criteria from an actors name to keywords in a plot. Add your own genres, media types and thumbnail images to help organize your home movies. Choose from five different views to display your results, from thumbnail to detail, and export your search results to a text file. Print it out and have a hard copy of your movie list or put it on your PDA and take it with you. Playing movies on your local hard drive or a hard drive on your network is as easy as clicking the thumbnail picture of the DVD cover.

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