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EXIF Date Changer
EXIF Date Changer allows you to inspect the EXIF metadata in the photos taken from digital cameras and to change various Date/Time entries. The EXIF Metadata is information about an image, for example: title, width and height, camera model, artist and so on.

Image Deduplicator
This program can search for duplicate images even if they are saved in different formats, resolutions and color depths. Just specify a directory to be searched, and after a while you will see a grouped list of found duplicates.

Picture Watermarker
Picture Watermarker is a simple and user friendly software that allows you to put text or image over your images and brand them.

Saving images for web/email/other media with the best compression ratio and quality is a difficult task if you donít have the right tools. Choosing the right format then choosing the right parameters are the key factors of smaller files. Previewing the resulting image and the projected filesize will help the user choose the best settings. This kind of image optimization software is often called 'Save for web'.

Easy Image Modifier
Change the resolution, file format and filename of a single image or a collection in a comfortable and handy way. Even advanced operations like removing meta informations or renaming and sorting your images with an enumeration are easy to manage. Furthermore the used drag'n'drop technique simplifies the selection of wanted files so that nothing will bother your aim.

FastStone MaxView
MaxView is a tiny, fast and innovative image viewer that supports all major graphic formats. Its intuitive layout and commands allow everyone, from beginners to professionals, to view and manipulate images quickly and efficiently.

Cropping of JPEG images without loss of quality.

PhotoWipe is a revolutionary imaging tool that magically removes unwanted objects from your photos. Just paint over them in black, and click go! Uncovers hidden details. Sit back and watch as cage bars disappear from the zoo, and your old boyfriend or girlfriend fades away.

Kigo Image Converter
A tool of change image format, scale image size, add watermark in batch.
Kigo Image Converter help you to batch converts image file format from one to another. You may add files from different folds to converting list, set the options of target format, scale parameters, watermark parameters. Then you click the "convert" button, it will convert those files in converting list as the options you set for you automatically.

Foto-Mosaik-Edda is software which allows you to create photo mosaic pictures from your own computer. A photo mosaic picture is made up of tiny photos which are fitted together in such a way that, from a distance, they blend together to create the appearance of a new picture.

A small Windows image viewer. Supports: bmp, if, jpg, png, ico, jng, koa, iff, lbm, mng, pbm, pcd, pcx, pgm, ppm, ras, tga, tif, wbmp, wap, psd ...

Stereogram Creator
StereogramCreator create fast Single Image Random Dot Stereograms (SIRDS), or Single Image Stereograms (SIS) depending on whether the picture contains random dots as a base for the 3D effect, or a repetitive image pattern. Unfortunately, each commercial company has labelled them differently. Shop owners generally don't know what you mean, unless you say "Hollusion" or one of the many other specific names.

Characterizer is 'One form' application for converting images to ascii text (ASCII art). Characterizer support JPG, BMP and WMF source images. Result is plain text file. You can set result size (width x height in characters), destination font size. There is implemented more render methods like photo, shape or contour blur. User can define own character set for rendering. Characterizer support four rendering modes, color inverting and adding random noise.

Inkscape is an open source SVG editor with capabilities similar to Illustrator, CorelDraw, Visio, etc. Supported SVG features include basic shapes, paths, text, alpha blending, transforms, gradients, node editing, svg-to-png export, grouping, and more.
Inkscape's main motivation is to provide the Open Source community with a fully XML, SVG, and CSS2 compliant SVG drawing tool. Additional planned work includes conversion of the codebase from C/Gtk to C++/Gtkmm, emphasizing a lightweight core with powerful features added through an extension mechanism, and establishment of a friendly, open, community-oriented development processes.

Image Analyzer
Advanced image editing, enhancement and analysis software. The program contains both most image enhancement features found in conventional image editors plus a number of advanced features not even available in professional photo suites.
- Automatic brightness, contrast, gamma and saturation adjustment
- Build-in conventional and adaptive filters for noise reduction, edge extraction etc.
- Deconvolution for out-of-focus and motion blur compensation
- Easy red-eye removal
- User specified filters in spatial and frequency domain
- Resize, rotate, crop and warping of images
- Scanner, camera and printer support
- File format support: Read/write BMP, ICO, CUR, WMF, EMF, PNG, MNG, GIF, PCX, JPEG and JPEG 2000 images Read RAS, PNM, PGM, PPM, HIPS and Matlab files
- Morphological operations
- Color model conversion: RGB, CMY, HSI, Lab, YCbCr, YIQ and PCA
- Distance, Fourier and discrete cosine transformation
- Math expression module for creating and transforming images and advanced "pocket" calculator with equation solver
- Plugin system for adding more specialized features.

Wood Workshop
The Wood Workshop is a free seamless texture editor that specializes in the creation of seamless wood textures. It helps 3D artists of all types quickly and easily take their wood and floor textures to a new level of realism. Over 100 fully editable preset textures come included in the Wood Workshop. As well as being perfectly seamless, all textures are resolution-independent, allowing designers to simply re-render their textures at different sizes as requirements change. The program contains well over 200 sliders and selectable options, making it the most powerful wood texture generator you'll ever use. The Wood Workshop will not only create solid wood textures, but at the touch of a button will also transform your woods into a variety of floor board patterns for ultra-realistic floor and wall textures. Download now and see why this application has taken the 3D graphics community by storm!

Ultimate Paint Standard LE (Freeware Edition)
Ultimate Paint is a full-featured 32-bit Windows graphics program for image creation, viewing and manipulation.
Freeware Edition - same as the trial version, but does not support Adobe plugins and has only 20 image filters built-in. Can be used without any limitations. Download, uninstall the previous version, unzip the archive and start setup.exe.

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