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Picture Watermarker is a simple and user friendly software that allows you to put text or image over your images and brand them.
Picture Watermarker will allow you to open any .jpg, .bmp, .jpeg image and add text or image across the image.
By branding your images in this way, you can prevent people from stealing your images, as they now have your text or logo image over them.
The use of Picture Watermarker is very easy to understand and you will find no difficulty in using it. After downloading the software just click on the 'PicturewaterMarker.exe' file and the software will run.You even don't need to install it. On the left hand side, you can insert the Original pictures. In order to insert the picture just click on the 'Add file' button or 'Add folder' button to select your pictures. You can add your own Watermark Text by writing on the blank space on the right hand side. Also you can add a watermark image,such as your logo.Then you need to select a save folder and click 'Start now' button. Then left bottom will list the result.You can preview the picture by selecting a picture on the result list.
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