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Protofile is an FTP client application with tons of features. It supports drag and drop, recursive uploads/downloads, an online ASCII editor and an image viewer and a color-coded status window. Each transfer is put in a queue and handled in the background, so you can continue your normal operations. All these features are in a fully customizable, extensible GUI with bars to move all parts. Your sites are kept in a reliable profile manager, so they can be accessed faster.
- HTTP download manager, for all your HTTP download needs.
- A configuration panel to easily access all options.
- Multiple drag an drop (it was only single before)!
- A really more stable queue to handle transfers, completely remade.
- Automatically save your logs in text or RTF format, access them with Word and keep track of what you do!
- The Log menu has appeared in the main menu, for all log options.
- These things have been put in the toolbar and for more information, look at the What´s hot section of the program.
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Classic FTP
Classic FTP is an easy to use ftp client that allows you to view, edit, upload, download and delete files from a remote server (website) or network for free.
Classic FTP, as its name suggests, has been specifically designed to look and feel like a typical ftp client. Whilst offering all the same features as other ftp clients, Classic FTP is perfect for both advanced and novice website administrators.
Classic FTP also features a handy 'Mirror and Upload' tool, where by the click of a button it will scan the selected local folder and upload any files that do not exist in the selected remote folder. Classic FTP also allows you to synchronize navigation of a local folder with a remote folder, saving you time and reducing the risk of uploading to the wrong folder.

FTP Studio
FTP Studio is a standard winsock FTP client. It has an easy-to-use graphical interface and advanced features. Its profile manager can also be set up to toggle between commonly visited FTP sites. As well as all common FTP commands and options FTP Studio''s feature set also includes Complete drag and drop integration, Full directory uploading, Multiple file transfers, Windows, Linux and Unix File Listing capabilities and complete File transfer status reporting.
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Staff-FTP is an advanced FTP client. This software uses the common FTP protocol to upload or download files from/to the internet. Everyone who manages FTP accounts over the 'site-command' will love this program (the developpment of the program started with this option in focus). Nearly all is configurable (either over a menu or by editing commands.ini-file).
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Web Site Publisher
Web Site Publisher is a free tool which will publish (i.e. copy or upload) the web site you develop on your computer to the web. Once your site is on the web you can make changes to the copy on your computer knowing that Web Site Publisher will update to the web just those parts that you have changed.
Web Site Publisher is an intelligent FTP publishing tool and can be used to publish any web site that would normally be uploaded using FTP. It is intended for Webmasters who just want to get their site updated with a minimum of effort and fuss and in the shortest time possible. It is designed to be as fast and as efficient a means of publishing a website as possible and its totally free!

Fresh FTP
Fresh FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is an useful tool for webmaster or website owner to upload or download web content (html, graphic, sql backup file, website statistic, etc) from the server. This free FTP client software supports ability to resume broken uploads, file and directory upload, and much more.

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