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Phalanx is a powerfull spam filter application for POP3 accounts. It can be used with any mail client. Phalanx supports APOP (MD5) and secure connections (SSL) for authenticaton on the mail server.
Blacklists and Whitelists - Classifies messages from specific senders as ham or spam.
DNSBL filter - This filter search the IP address of the sender in a DNSBL database.
URLBL filter - This filter search all URLs in the message in a URLBL database.
Bayes filter - This self-learning filter classifies mails as spam or ham with the bayesian method.
User defined rules - User defined rules allows to filter for specific words and terms. Regular expressions are supported.
Rule sets - With rule sets you can create own rule files, that can be included in Phalanx. External rule files (rule sets) are much mor powerfull and flexible.
Plug-ins - Phalanx can be extended with plug-ins. Plug-ins can filter messages with complex methods.
Retrieval of headers and delete messages from the server - Regardless of your mail client, message headers can be received and filtered without receiving the complete message from the mail server. With rule options the mail can be ignored or deleted directly on the mail server.
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