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WikiTaxi is a portable offline-reader for wikis in MediaWiki format. It enables users to search and browse popular wikis like Wikipedia, Wikiquote, or WikiNews, without being connected to the Internet. WikiTaxi works well with different languages like English, German, Turkish, and others.
1. Download WikiTaxi and extract to an empty folder. No installation is otherwise required.
2. Download the XML database dump (*.xml.bz2) of your favorite wiki.
3. Run WikiTaxi_Importer.exe to import the database dump into a WikiTaxi database. The importer takes care to uncompress the dump as it imports, so make sure to save your drive space and do not uncompress beforehand.
4. When the import is finished, start up WikiTaxi.exe and open the generated database file. You can start searching, browsing, and reading immediately.
5. After a successful import, the XML dump file is no longer needed and can be deleted to reclaim disk space.
6. To update an offline Wiki for WikiTaxi, download and import a more recent database dump.
For WikiTaxi reading, only two files are required: WikiTaxi.exe and the .taxi database. Copy them to any storage device (memory stick or memory card) or burn them to a CD or DVD and take your Wikipedia with you wherever you go!
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